Cactus bids

Do you know someone who has won a bid in a penny auction site? Did you doubt the legitimacy of the low prices? Well, although penny auction sites like cactus bid are not monitored by the government, the truth is that these sites are 100% legal and so are the prices they offer. Penny auction sites are also many and more are coming up every single day – one could have just been registered as you are reading this.

If you have never won a bid on any penny auction site, it can be understood if you doubt if people ever win anything or this is just another scam. But these doubts will be cleared once you visit a credible site like cactus bid. There are numerous incredible sales ranging from gift boxes to PlayStations and yes, they are being won, by real people. Let me give you some facts.

You probably are asking why these sites are there. Well, first, they are a form of entertainment. Bidding on cactus bid is more like playing a game. Call it gambling if you like to but the fact is it is interesting to play and the challenge of winning makes it all the more interesting.

The credibility of cactus bid can be proved by the fact that there is a third party to carry out an independent audit. You can also find a history of bids that prove that the site is being used by other people. If this does not serve to eradicate the doubts, you can then go ahead to search the usernames you find in the sites to be sure that they are real people.

So how does cactus bid work? There is a time for every commodity on sale. The person who makes the last bid as the time turns to zero wins the bid. The websites make money by having you to first buy the bid before you can win a sale. One bid may cost as low as $0.01. You may need to make more than one bid on the same item to increase your chances of winning.

A word of caution though; this is a fairly new thing in the internet and scammers may take the chance. You can easily recognize websites made from simple alterations of templates, right? If you come across such a site and its calling itself a penny auction site, take your time. You should also ensure that the site has contact information and that you actually contact the support team before you can go in and start playing.