Cross Trainer shoes are the most versatile shoes for athletic training activity. Consider all the places they are used. You can wear them for your Yoga class, a Saturday afternoon game of basketball or a brisk cardiovascular walk around the lake. Even when not using the footwear for working out, a nice looking pair worn with casual attire as part of your wardrobe are wonderful. There are more than a few reasons why you need a cross training shoe.


These are countless advantages of owning a pair of  these particular shoes for exercise footwear. However, it wouldn’t be fair not to mention some slight disadvantages that come along with them along with all the benefits wearers see.

For those that have launched a regular running or jogging program, these are not for you. Invest in a magnificent pair of running or jogging athletic kinds designed specifically for this purpose. There is a difference in what type of athletic footwear you use for the workout you want.

Running or jogging ones have the extra cushioning needed for the abuse suffered to your feet and legs when you take part in these strenuous activities. Additionally the running shoe is much lighter than the cross training ones and along with extra cushion they offer more flexibility. This will account for diminishing a chance injury to your feet, legs and even your back in some cases.


The wearer receives several necessary basics their body needs. More importantly they offer their feet numerous advantages. The investment offers comfort, stability and cushioning for the entire foot. More important you get durability for the cost of the shoe.

The shoe creator had the idea in mind that you are owning or buying one pair of athletic shoes for those of us that are into more than one sport or activity that need athletic footwear. This means instead of buying several different pairs, everything you need is found in one pair.

When searching for the best one to buy, think about several important aspects. 

  1. how wide they are
  2. stability
  3. reasonably durable


The width you choose for your shoe is important. Make certain you have the correct one for your foot. Every foot is different. Buy one more than comfortable for how wide your feet are. Have them measured to make certain you have a good fit. Avoid simply buying one off the rack or the web without trying it on first.


Stability is vital to support upper mobility for sports such as fitness classes or a basketball games. More stability with some will account for less breathability. This means your feet will become warmer or even hot faster.

Although you may have less breathability or air circulation, by making certain your shoe has all leather uppers you are receiving more stability. Trading less circulation for more support is definitely worth it. Try wearing socks created from a lighter material. You will need to try more than one pair to find what works for you. There are some designs that offer a slight cover of mesh for more air circulation. Though, there are only a few in the marketplace and somewhat difficult to find.


Reasonable durability and costs are important because you will typically replace a cross training athletic shoe every 100 hours of use on average.

In conclusion

Wearing the right shoe for the right exercise will assure you get what you need from your workout as well as keep your body in great physical condition while doing so. The best shoe comes with the right width, stability and durability.


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