Have you tried running, aerobics, stationary bikes and found exercise a chore? Would you like to learn something new, have fun get in shape, look great and become more confident, then let me introduce you to kickboxing.

Besides being incredibly fun and almost addictive, kickboxing training is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise you can find. It's a holistic program whose benefits extend beyond just burning calories. . Enabling you t better defend yourself is a natural byproduct of kickboxing training, whether you are training to compete or just get in shape, and it's a sport you can do alone at home or in a gym.

Besides being a great way to lose weight, it also helps develop a knockout body, much more than simply jogging could accomplish. You will develop well defined arms, legs and strengthen your core (lower back and abdominals). It's a top to bottom work out that will result in a strong, well-proportioned physique. Having a muscular, fit body also results in a higher metabolism - Cardio kickboxing workouts burn off an incredible number of calories, 400 to 600 in only an hour. It also keeps your heart at a steady 75% to 85% rate which is proven to be optimum and is the recommended heart rate if you are engaged in exercise or training.

All this training, whether recreational or competitive will result in your ability to better defend yourself, it is kickboxing after all. After several weeks of kickboxing training you will be stronger, more flexible and have much better agility and coordination. Your punching and kicking form will improve, as will your balance while delivering these strikes. All this makes you much better able to defend yourself if you are ever in that position. The boost in confidence coming from this knowledge will often deter would be attackers before a situation ever arises.

You can do kickboxing training at home or at a gym, alone or with a partner. You may eventually end up purchasing, pads and other equipment, but it's not necessary in order to start. You can simply buy a good kickboxing training DVD and get started at home. Conversely you can join classes at a gym and get geared up. Either way is great to start, but when you start getting serious, you will probably have one or more partners and work out regularly at a gym.

Kickboxing training is great fun and a great way to lose weight, get stronger, look amazing and even make friends. if you are still looking for the perfect way to start enjoying exercise - get started with kickboxing - you won't regret it.