Trust Me, Bowling Isn't As Hard As It Seems

Whether you are interested in bowling because you would like to impress your friends, whether you believe it may be the perfect way to kill a few hours on a Saturday night, whether you want to be able to hang with your next date or whether you are seriously considering joining a bowling league, you too can learn to bowl.

The very premise of bowling does not seem that difficult for some, but once you have seen a really good bowler at work, you know that there is more to it than meets the eye. Watching those fluid, powerful motions is not only majestic but also inspirational.

KR Strikeforce Eliminator 2-Ball Roller Bowling BagSo lets start looking at the first few steps that can help you learn to bowl. The first and some would say most important aspect is your equipment. You are going to need a bowling ball and bowling shoes. You want to make sure you find the right weight bowling ball, nothing too heavy but if you are choosing a ball that is too light, you are doing yourself a disservice as well. Secondly, most people opt to rent the shoes from the bowling alley.

The Stance: 

To learn to bowl you will need to understand the most basic stance you can. Make sure that your legs are slighty parted, and move the foot that corresponds with the hand that you bowl with (meaning if you are a righty you are going to move your right leg back) approximately 6 to 10 inches, bend your knees, make sure you tilt your back slightly forward, let your arm hang by your side and place your thumb firmly onto the ball. 

The Delivery: 

Ebonite Cyclone Bowling Ball- Black, Gold and SilverWhen most people learn to bowl, they focus all their attention on the pins themselves. However, it is more important that they focus on the lanes and the arrows on the lane. That is how you find the right spot, they are there to guide you, so let them.

Now it is time to take aim, again most people aim dead center, but if you are left-handed, aim for the arrow to the left of the middle arrow, this is going to provide more impact when the ball actually hits the pins.

Swing your arm back smoothly and make sure that you release the bowling ball once it passes past your lead leg again. This is another part that most people are just in the process of learning to bowl get wrong, they release the ball too early. If you release the ball too early you are not guiding it, instead you are sending the ball out into the lane to fend for itself. Hold onto the ball and only release after the hand has passed your lead leg.

If you want to learn to bowl better than just a novice, it becomes important that you start learning from others, start paying attention to other players at the bowling alley (especially those that are getting good scores) never be afraid to ask anyone for help. Practice a little bit and see what sort of stance and release works for you, see you at the lanes!