The Creative Process of the Law of Attraction  says that you are the creator of Your Own Reality. Whatever you can conceive, you can achieve.

The creative process starts with.

Asking Part

Most of the time, most of the people are focusing on what they don't want to have in their life. They don't want demotion, they don't want bad relationship, they don't want less money, and the list goes on.

But the law of attraction says that you attract what you think about. Instead of pushing these awful thoughts and circumstances in your life, you constantly generate feelings about what you think most of the time. That's why it's easy to see people getting fired from their job, they get stuck in life, and can't seem to get out of the rat race or the spiral they are in. However, you don't have to attract all the things that you don't want in life by changing your focus right now.

Just now, think about things that you would like to attract in your life. Write them down if possible. Make a list of things in present tense, saying, 'I am happy that I have wealth, health, and deep and passionate romantic relationship with an attractive lady. This is the decision part. You actually are deciding what you want.

Life was meant to be abundant and there is enough for everyone. Now, choose to believe it before you see it. Allow yourself to believe it. Look at your vision boards or this list of goals daily, and imprint them in your mind. That's why W. Clement Stone said, "Whatever the man can conceive, will achieve.'

Visualizing It

Visualize yourself already in possession of those things, and feel them right now. For example, close your eyes and imagine that you are driving your dream car. Or that you are with a deep and passionate relationship with an attractive lady. Whatever that is, experience how you feel about it, right now.

Even though it's not there in your hand, believe that you already have achieved it.

Now come out of it, and be grateful for it. Thank the universe for all the good things in your life. Believe it.

Repeat this exercise daily, until it is a habit. Habit of repeating your vision boards and feeling it already in possession of it, daily. This way, the universe will create circumstances in your life that will help you attract those things that you already have in your life.

Receiving It

The final part would be to eliminate any doubts, fears, hesitation, and be willing to receive what you have asked for. If you won't, the law of attraction will work on you. It won't come to you. It's important for you to be prepared to be willing to receive it. Just act upon your intuition. Accept the rewards and gifts, and feel grateful for that to the universe. This is how you show your appreciation to the outside world.