There is no getting around the fact that Christmas can really take a toll on your budget. There are ways however, that you can cut way back on how much you spend on Christmas gifts without looking cheap. Just be creative and start planning ahead and see just how far you can stretch your holiday budget.

Cheap Christmas Gifts Made from Scratch

One way to give cheap Christmas gifts is to make them yourself. Maybe you are known for being crafty. If so start early and create handmade gifts that your family will love. Handmade gifts are also a thoughtful gift because of the fact that you took the time to create something with that person in mind. Whether you are good at sewing or knitting or maybe your skills lie in wood working or pottery, you can create one of a kind creations for everyone on your list.

Of course not all of us are crafty but we do have other talents. Are you known for your expert baking skills? You can purchase inexpensive holiday tins, line with wax paper and fill with your delicious holiday creations. Or maybe you have your own vegetable garden and spend late summer doing alot of canning. You can create an inexpensive food or kitchen theme gift with some of your canned goods.

Other Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

We have all heard of those who give coupons for free babysitting or other odd jobs for the holidays. While this may seem like you are being cheap, these types of gifts can really come in handy for someone in the family who could really use what skills you have to offer. Whatever your skills, be it carpentry for someone who needs work done, a day of housekeeping for a busy mom or a coupon for a home cooked meal for someone who doesn't cook, gifts like this are always appreciated.

Other ideas for cheap Christmas gifts are doing family gifts or drawing names. A few months before Christmas you can talk to other family members about it. For a family gift you can do up an inexpensive gift basket based on a theme. For example a movie night them could include microwave popcorn, candy, and a gift card for the nearest dvd rental.

Whatever you do, just remember that Christmas is a time for family and friends to get together. Just keep your budget in check by planning ahead and being creative to give you a stress free holiday that wont put you into debt.