Has anyone seen the movie The Godfather? Where godfather(Marlo Brando) tell his son that he's drinking more wine? Michael responds it's good for you pop. He wasn't lying, red wine is extremely good for you, when drinking it frequently. Red wine is quite a popular wine to drink. You can honestly benefit from drinking red wine. If you don't drink alcohol, I'll give tips on what else you can use.

Things You Will Need

red wine

Step 1

It helps fight cancer. Resveratrol which is found on grape skin, which is anti-cancer. The resveratrol found in red wine fights cancer cells. Extremely effective with pancreatic cancer cells. Recent studies have also shown to reduce lung cancer as well.

Step 2

Drinking red wine lowers cholesterol. It will help you reduce coronary heart diseases. Drinking a glass a day can lower your cholesterol up to 16 percent. You don't want to make a habit of drinking too much, red wine though. Obviously alcohol in general is bad for your health, if you abuse it. Drinking it frequently is okay for you. Frequent use of alcohol is very good for the heart.

Step 3

Take resveratrol pills. If you don't drink, take these supplements. Resveratrol supplements pills are anti-aging. Enhances the immune system. Have you heard the advertisements, that you can live up to 150 years? Well, I don't know for sure if that's true, I'm not 150 years old. It is ant aging though

Step 4

Makes you live longer. The antioxidants encourage the survival of cells. Frequent uses can help a person live longer. Whether you're taking resveratrol, or drinking red wine. Drinking red win gives you stronger bones. It also fights Alzheimer's disease, and helps reduce stroke.

Tips & Warnings