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IBoom BoomCredit: you like House Music as much as I do, but don’t really want to pay for the latest releases, don’t feel bad. Neither do I. In todays world of online activity and distribution it is more important for an artist to get his name out. There are numerous sites that host artist’s newest tracks and mixes for your listening pleasure and will not ask you for money. You’ll mostly have to sign up though. Once you do you will have hours and hours of music available to you for free to do with as you please.

Willie Nelson in a recent interview explained his thoughts on piracy rather well. Before I tell you his thoughts, I am not suggesting you pirate any music. But rather see the philosophy behind sharing music online for free.

Willie compared the Internet to the likes of radio when it was the newest and greatest technology. You had people of all walks of life exposed to artist’s sounds and tunes. This exposure is what brought the fame and riches.

And so it is with online music. Artists are looking to get their name out. To be heard and played in clubs, in your personal mixes, shared at your house party, cafe, car... what have you.

So, to get to the point: There are two places I go for my tunes. I’m sure there are plenty of more sites, but these two have been consistent and their sites are very user friendly.


The first one is Lars Behrenroth is the man who hosts this site. Every week like clock work he puts up two hours of his latest house mixes. One hour is he spinning and the other from a guest DJ. Sometimes Lars brings you an hour of house mix from a club he performed in, but mostly its stuff he does at home. All he asks is for you to sign up and spread the word. Lars is a world renowned DJ spinning all over the world. From South Africa, Asia, Europe, and of course the US. He currently has 384 shows to download. Cool tunes you can play and do with as you like. I really recommend you check him out.


The other site I just stumbled upon is I haven’t been on the site too much, but after I singed up I was exposed to an house music heaven. You can browse through various styles of house from Acid to Tribal, Electro, Jazzy what ever your heart desires.

Artist have their tracks, and mixes uploaded for you to listen too before you decide to download. The downloads come in mp3 format and are compatible with any mp3 player.

For me music is a Universal Language. No matter where you live, what language you speak, if rich or poor, the power of sound flows through all of us.