From fat to fit!

Rise and ShineCredit: M McMaster

I am living proof that you can gain 22lbs in 8 weeks and lose it again in 8 weeks! I know it can be done because I have done it and have helped friends achieve the same results, without fail.

A few years ago while training for a multi-stage mtb event I took a heavy fall on a mountain trail and broke my collar-bone. And quickly discovered that if you carry on eating like your riding 2hrs a day you gain weight - rapidly! This is how I lost 22lbs in 8 weeks once I'd recovered.

You can lose weight if you follow this routine and whats more, lose weight quickly and consistently. I suggest before you follow any of these tips you visit your GP and have a check-up and run through your intended programme.

There are 5 basic steps you need to COMMIT to and follow strictly if you want to achieve these results. It is said it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, so the first three weeks will be your toughest, then you'll find it gets so much easier.

"You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As is your deed is, so is your destiny" - The Upanishads

Step 1: Diet

No more sugar! Cut sugar out of your diet for the next 8 weeks, no sugar with your tea or coffee, no sweets, biscuits, doughnuts, fizzy drinks etc. You need to follow the plan. Your daily diet needs to consist of the following;

  • Breakfast - a smoothie (you can vary the recipe daily)
  • Snacks - a small handful of nuts or fruit or seeds (I mix these together and keep them in a canister on my desk and on the kitchen counter, and grab a small handful twice a day)
  • Lunch - a low-fat, diet fuel, protein shake. There are many varieties on the market, choose one you like but check carbs and calories on the label. This should be mixed with water, not milk.
  • Afternoon - a piece of fruit
  • Dinner - a juice ( I'll give you a link to a great juice site ) 5 nights per week. One night of grilled veg, chicken, fish and one night you can spoil yourself, within reason.

If you find you are still hungry you can supplement your daily intake with an extra serving of the protein shake but only on the days you exercise.

Step 2: Exercise

This can be the biggest stumbling block for many people so I have found a way to simplify things. I did 45 - 90 mins exercise 5 -6 days per week, but more because I enjoy riding and running and I live and work in an environment where its easy to do so. 

You HAVE TO exercise! It doesn't matter if it's a brisk 45 min walk to start with but this step is not negotiable! No exercise, no weight loss. Start with two short sessions a day if you have to. But write out and exercise plan, stick it up on your cupboard or mirror and follow it! 

There is also a great exercise plan detailed in the book PACE by Al Sears, the link is below.

Step 3: Supplements

This is a huge key to losing the weight you want to and I'll detail below how I took them and what the benefit is:

  • Aminoliq - a great source if amino acids that your body needs and a very good fat burner. Take in the morning half an hour before exercise or breakfast and before lunch and dinner as recommended.
  • Any good multi-vitamin - supplements a healthy diet. Every morning with breakfast smoothie.
  • Protein shake - look for a meal replacement/diet fuel variety. Mid-morning and in the afternoon if needed and you are exercising for more than 45 mins.
  • An Elixir - daily boost of energy. I always took this around midday or early afternoon.

Step 4: Tea

You might be frowning as you read this but hear me out. There are some amazing teas on the market and if you want to lose weight they are a great source of help. Get yourself a good detoxifying tea, there are many to choose from, find one you like and have a tall glass each day. When our bodies are toxic they do not process fat properly, a good detox tea will cleanse your system and enable your body to process efficiently and effectively - don't skip this step!

Step 5: Water

Natures miracle juice. Drink at least 2lt of water each day, when you awaken in the morning the first thing you need to do is drink 500ml of water, keep hydrated all day. Very often when we feel hungry we are actually thirsty, so drink water often during the day, cut out the coffee. Hot water with lemon is also a great detox drink and will help keep your vitamin C level up which will prevent flu and colds, you can add a few slices of fresh ginger to this drink.

Step 6: Sleep

Our bodies need rest, especially when we are detoxifying and exercising. Try and get a minimum of 7hrs per night. The other positive is that when you're sleeping you aren't tempted to cheat and eat.

Step 7: Weigh - in

You need to weigh in each day, at the same time. You can do this first thing in the morning (before pouring 500ml of water down your throat) or last thing at night. Put a chart up in your bathroom to check your progress, it's a great motivator. Some days you won't have dropped weight, that's fine because the next day you'll see a sudden drop, just keep at it! The rewards are fabulous.

Step 8: Equipment

Get yourself a good pair of running shoes, for walking or running. A heart rate monitor is a great asset too, for monitoring your exercise level each day. A good bathroom scale. A food blender or juicer.

Step 9: Follow the plan

Follow the plan, try to wake up each morning, drink your water and get your exercise done. Not everyone likes to exercise early but it is a great way of boosting your metabolism and heart rate for the day, get your body burning calories early. It is important to stick to meal times and eat your snacks regularly, this helps stimulate your metabolism, dont starve yourself that way your body holds onto fat for when it needs it. 

I lost weight rapidly over the first three weeks and then it steadied and I lost about 2lbs per week until I reached my goal weight, once there I maintained a healthy diet, less stringent but no sugar rich foods and lots of water. I have maintained a healthy weight since then and am now a huge ambassador for "juicing" - it's a marvellous way to nourish your body.

Good luck and enjoy the new you in 8 weeks, even if you don't lose all the weight you wanted to, keep at it, the benefit of feeling healthy will be reward enough. All my friends who have followed these steps have reached their goal, and those that adjusted their lifestyle slightly are still looking and feeling great.

Good luck and have fun!




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