Do you remember the days of the SNES - Super Nintendo Entertainment System? Those were the days of real gaming. Chuck Norris has nothing on a the fat Italian jumping on heads of deranged turtles or psychotic mushrooms.

And how about those surprisingly animated apes on a rampage for bananas and balloons rolling through creepy enemies? How exactly can Dixie Kong fly with that pony tail? That HAS to hurt.

For fans of those games, there is a way to play them again.

Download an SNES emulator called ZSNES. It is a free application that runs on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and DOS.

You can get the emulator here:
NOTE: The official version does not run on Mac OS X. But there are re-compiled versions out there if you do some searching.

The great thing about ZSNES is you can save game states 0 to 9. This means you can save the game state right before a hard part of the game. Then, if you get killed or don't do well, you can load the state you saved and try again without having to restart the level.

I've used that feature hundreds of times - at least. I'm not good at such games, so I tell myself it's ok to cheat. ^_^

In order to play any games, you will need to find a game ROM - the data that is stored on an SNES game cartridge.

Game data files should be in the .SMC format.

When you find the ROM file for one of your games, put it in a folder you can find easily. Then load ZSNES and navigate to that folder within ZSNES by clicking ( GAME >> LOAD )

You will see a list of available games in that folder. Double click on the name of the game you want to play and go for it.

NOTE: When downloading a game ROM, make sure you actually own the game first. ROM downloads are provided ONLY for use by those who actually own the game in question. You should NEVER download a game file if you do not own the original game.