How to get your hands on the money.

Understanding what you need to do.

Many people when fundraising, chase the money.   They see a funder offering a grant and immediately try to make a project fit the money.    This is the path of madness.   Unless you understand the project, why you are doing it, who you are targeting, and what outcome you need, you will never help a funder understand your project and want to fund you.

Think of funding like applying for a job.   You would never apply for a brain surgeons job if you were a qualified plumber.   Well you might, however I think you would have a problem getting the job.   Funding is the same.   All grant funders have a set criteria that you need to fit int.  There is the basic information such as:

  • Are you a registered charity?
  • Are you able to manage money?
  • What you do and why?
  • Who you help and why?

and then there is other information that you really have to understand before you put a funding bid into a grant funder.

Before you begin, have the project or activity very clear in your mind.  Written down and planned.    Then research which funders fit your program best.   

Make sure you read the guidance and then re-read.    Understand their criteria.   Are they funding children's activities, the elderly, health or fitness.   Do not apply to a funder who is working with children with a project to save dogs.   It does not matte how great your bid is, you will not succeed.

Fill in the application form in pencil first or photocopy the application to use as a practice.

Know who you wish to help, why and what objectives you are working to.   You must know what you wish to achieve and what help this is to your community.

Make sure you have a realistic budget in place.  Do the sums.  Do not ask for more than you need.

Be clear, concise and authentic.

Read the application carefully and get someone else to check it.   It needs to make sense.

After that you have done all you can do.    Remember that you can apply to a number of funders, just make sure they know who else you have applied to.     No double funding allowed.