For many young people, the cost of car insurance makes it not worth even bothering to learn to drive. Many insurance companies won't consider insuring a young driver under the age of 21 and those that do, charge exorbitant premiums. The  AA reports that it can cost as much as £2000 per year for the lowest grade cover. The Daily Mail once featured a story about a young man who was quoted £77,000 for 12 months insurance. With this in mind, we have compiled some useful tips for young people attempting to get the best price for their first car insurance premiums.

Use Comparison Sites

Comparison sites are a great way to gather a large number of quotes just by entering your details into an online interface. Before you start, gather up all of the details you will need. Have your driving license to hand and the details of the car you want to insure. You will need to enter these details in the online form to produce results from companies that are willing to insure you. Make sure if that the comparison site you use is truly independent. Sites that compare car insurance will not charge you because they will receive a commission should you choose a company by using one of their links

Add an Older Driver to Your Insurance Policy

Don’t get the wrong idea here. This is not the practice that is now known as “fronting” where an older person is named as the main driver of a vehicle and the younger person as a named driver. Insurance companies have reacted to this problematic practice by introducing small print that renders the policy invalid if discovered. Fronting is insurance fraud and means that in reality, you are not covered and may be liable to prosecution.

However, adding an older driver as a named driver on a main policy can in some cases, reduce the premium. The logic behind this is that the insurance company will have to assume that the car is being driven some of the time, by an older more experienced driver.

Buy a Standard Vehicle

It might be very tempting to buy a car that has been “pimped” with various conversions and upgrades. Although this might be very impressive to friends and raise the credibility of the young person concerned, the bank balance will undoubtedly suffer. Any modifications to a vehicle that make it non-standard are penalised very heavily in terms of premiums.

Take a Pass Plus Course

A Pass Plus course is considered by some insurance companies to be a good reason to offer a lower premium. The course is not assessed by a further test but consists of six modules that offer a chance to gain experience of motorway driving, driving at night and in more extreme weather conditions,  in a safe and supervised way. This provides reassurance to the insurance company, that the driver has been exposed to additional training that reduces the risk of an accident caused by inexperience.