Young Justice: Don't Call Them Sidekicks!

A new promising kids' show for grown-ups.

Don't call them sidekicks! Young Justice is an animated series that follows the action-packed, danger-avoiding, constantly life-threatened, also even the personal lives of members in a secret and convert underground operation task force. The show premiered on Cartoon Network as a hour-long movie November 26, 2010 but as an animated show on January 7, 2011. Long story short: The Justice League are now superhero celebrities and that makes it very hard for them to do their missions and so on the side, they created the Young Justice League, their counterpart to investigate the missions that they can't.

The show starts out with four members (Robin; Aqualad - new character who grows up to be Tempest and this is not a black Garth; Speedy - he departs from the team; Superboy - who joins the team; Kid Flash) then graduates to five (Miss Martian) and then onward to six (Artemis - who is chosen for the series over Arrowette)). The series carries a theme of secret and lies and how everyone is keeping a secret from each other. Also, the show has the Mission Impossible Theme, which was suggested by its co-creator Brandon Vietti. Also, if you loved Gargoyles and The Spectacular Spider-Man then you love Young Justice because it's made by the same  very creator, Greg Weisman.

With that said, I personally believed that Young Justice is well-crafted show with twists and turns. With its subtle humor (especially revolving around Robin and Kid Flash), it's hard not to laugh. Even though it has its humorous moments, it also carries a serious tone of action and suspense. Most kid shows have at least one bad episode during it's first season. I have yet to see a horrible episode.

However, since this is a great show and all, there's one bad thing that irritates me. No one seems to be watching it. I usually walk to a group of kids usually between the ages of 9 and 14 and ask them if they ever watch the show. They reply no. They ALWAYS seem to reply no. Ask a grown man who's a hardcore DC fan then you're likely to get a positive answer. Also, MTV has a section called "MTV Geek" that always seem to be promoting Young Justice. Just like that R&B song that played on radios everywhere years ago, if I only had one wish then I would want more people to watch Young Justice.

If this is a show for adults (especially with the "TV-PG" rating) then they should just put on The CW along with Smallville. However, The CW has a record for ruining shows. (Just look at The WB and UPN.) I will continue to do my part to expose this show like it's a supportive cancer movement and if you are true YJ fan then you will do the same.