Young Living Essential Oils: A Level Apart

The moment someone hears the words 'Multi-Level Marketing', they usually take one of two stands – dead against or willing to die for. One cursory glance at the number of pro and anti-MLM 'blogs' will convince you of that, and the object of this piece is far from adding to the pile - of whatever. Hopefully this article will be an attempt to present a balanced frame of reference, and showcase one such company in a non-judgmental light, allowing you to make your own decision. After all, it is a free country even if nothing is free in this country. Remember that, if you would, as we explore this relatively young entrant into the world of alternative distribution.

Young Living Essential Oils: Commitment To Quality

Young Essentials, founded by Gary Young in 1992, was intended to spread the message about essential oils and all the benefits they bestow. He felt that there was a lack of standard in the industry, and set out to create one. This is now called Young Living Therapeutic Grade (YLTG) Essential oil, and uses gas chromatography and mass spectrometry to analyze and certify each batch of product that comes out of the manufacturing facility. From 'seed to seal' is their guarantee for the authentic, unadulterated oils they put out. Their product line covers single and blended essential oils, massage oils, special collection packs, roll-ons and accessories. There's no denying that the products are pure and effective – no MLM can survive as long as they have without commitment to that aspect. The main reason for this is that in such a business model, there is almost no company-consumer barrier; the consumer is the company. Besides, people are known by the company they keep – literally in this case. They also partner with other organizations that are known promoters of alternative healing practices, such as The Urban Zen Foundation, founded by Donna Karan (as in DKNY), one of the most well-respected fashion designers of current times.

Young Living: Not Easy Money, Just Easy Method

Their products are sold retail by word of mouth, the cheapest and most effective advertising strategy ever devised - or discovered, rather. Their distributor force is strong and growing by leaps and bounds. Obviously, there's work involved in setting up a large, profitable distributorship, as in any other business. A little work each week, sacrificing your other pleasures, can take you a long way in this business. Several people have replaced their full-time job incomes by working evenings and weekends at this type of business opportunity. This is where the detractors come in, some of whom are genuine, but most being disgruntled rainbow chasers who were stopped dead in their tracks at the prospect of actually doing some work or giving up TV for a while in order to become financially independent. If you read some of the venomous articles written by them, you'll get the feeling that someone either lead them on to think there was easy money to be made (the company wouldn't do this, not with nearly 20 years of hard-earned reputation to protect), or they automatically assumed that MLMs come from the land of milk and honey, without bothering to find out where the milk and honey actually come from.

Young Living Essential Oils: The 'He Said She Said' Story

Testimonials – ah, now there's a nice solid, sturdy, dependable word that elicits good faith and makes the most caustic critic sit up and lend half an ear. However, testimonials are only half the story because statistics can be controlled. Like guns for example, statistically speaking. If you asked someone if their family were important to them, if they would do anything to protect them, if they would own a gun for protection, and if they would shoot at someone if they were in mortal danger, you'd mostly get a yes for your trouble. On the other hand, if you asked the same person if they thought their children were safe at school, if they were well protected from gun carriers, and if they thought guns should be sold casually, you'd probably get a no. See where this is going? So testimonials may not give you the entire truth about a company, but it will show you how well their best customers and partners are treated; there's some value in that.

The Essential Choice: What Matters Most

With all the facts and opinions available, you would think that the decision to get involved would be an easy one - and for a lot of people it is, depending on who introduces them to the products and the business opportunity. However, if you still have doubts about it either way, the best solution would be to try it out for yourself - products first; business later. That way, you won't have committed too much in the beginning, and you can walk away if you're uncomfortable at any point. In the end, it's what you want to do that matters, not anyone else's opinion of what you should or shouldn't. Be well.