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Young Living Essential Oils: Do Young Living Essential Oils Offer True Health And Wealth?

Young Living Essential Oils company is becoming more known around the world for their distinctive therapeutic-grade oils. It's time to examine and really take a look at Young Living and see what sets them apart from all the other essential oils available today on the market. I'm going to go over the information that is relevant in order to make a qualified decision about Young Living's essential oils and about their business opportunity.

This is a company that is growing quite rapidly and we need to know if Young Living essential oils are a scam of a product or a legitimate product that can be trusted and loved by all. Let's get the facts if Young Living can really help us in our health and wealth so there is no more debate on whether or not this is a good company to join.

Founder of Young Living: Gary Young

Young Living Oils Review: The Young Living Company Background Check...

Young Living has been around for almost 2 decades and it's corporate head quarters is located in Lehi, Utah. The founders of Young Living are Gary Young and his wife, Mary Young. They started their journey into the alternative healing practices when Gary Young had an unfortunate logging accident. He had struggled with his life in many way's, physically and emotionally, many years after his accident. Through his many endeavors of trying new things to help himself heal, he stumbled upon essential oils.

This was the turning point in his life because of the effect these oils had on him. He felt restored and better than he had in over a decade while using essential oils. He felt he had a calling to find out more about essential oils. There was a desire that he felt deep inside him to bring back the knowledge of these once very popular and common oils that were used in our everyday lives that had gone pretty much extinct due to the new invention of the modern medicines.

Gary Young traveled the world in search for the true knowledge about essential oils. He brought some oils back to the United States and started researching them as well as building his own distilleries. He had learned the optimal way to extract the essential oils from the plants that would keep the therapeutic constituents present so they could offer therapeutic benefits to those who used them.

It wasn't long before Mr. Young had acquired many farms with 1000's of acres of land to start growing plants that he could cultivate to produce pure, authentic, superior-quality essential oils. He and his wife eventually launched their own company that was developed into a network marketing structure. This allowed people to use their products for their health and when they saw the dramatic results the oils had on them, they would, with out a doubt, share the wonderful benefits. So, why not allow them to make money telling people what they would have told them anyway. It seemed like a great structure that could spread the word of the lost knowledge of essential oils while empowering people's health and wealth.

Almost 20 years later, Young Living is growing bigger everyday. Gary Young is still hard at work researching the different benefits that essential oils offer and introducing new products that are derived from essential oils. Young Living was not founded on high interest loans, but was purely invested in by the owners. This helps eliminate the risk of overnight bankruptcy that a lot of the other network marketing companies face and go through. This is a company with a strong foundation and will be staying around for a long time.

Seed to Seal

Young Living Essential Oils Review: What are Essential Oils?

How Are Young Livings Essential Oils Produced?

Young Living essential oils are very potent substances that should not be used without caution. These essential oils are extracted from the different parts of aromatic plants including the flowers, leaves, stems, roots, seeds, and even the bark from trees. These oils have 100's of different constituents and compounds that work with each other to provide therapeutic benefits.

Young Living has a proprietary way of extracting the essential oils so that they don't lose there therapeutic benefits. Young Living essential oils are extracted from plants that have been cared for with extreme love. These plants were grown from the best seeds and are grown in optimal conditions free of all chemicals and with the proper soil preparation. The essential oils are tested within their laboratories and third party laboratories to make sure they are pure and consist of the constituents that make them therapeutic.

Most essential oils that are on the market these day's are nothing more than just a perfume grade oil. They have potentially dangerous compounds in them and should not be used. You can tell when an essential oil is synthetic and holds no value by diffusing it into the air and if the scent stays around longer than 20 minutes your dealing with a non therapeutic grade oil. Another way to tell is obviously going to be based on the price. You get what you pay for and unfortunately you could be causing more harm to yourself than anything by using cheap synthetic essential oils.

Young Living has very strict requirements for their essential oils before they are bottled, labeled and delivered to their customers. They are of therapeutic-grade and are safe to use since they are purely natural. Even if they are safe to use, there is still guidelines you must follow when using them because they are very potent.

Using Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils Review: How to Use Young Living Essential Oils?

What Are The Benefits?

Essential oils have been around and used since the beginning of time but have only been documented since around 4500 B.C. They have been used for physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. They are used throughout the bible in religious ceremonies and the anointing of people. They are also documented as having the value of gold. People would rob graves or tombs and steal the oils. If you had oils, you were more than likely a person of wealth. Those days are in the past but essential oils still hold valuable therapeutic healing benefits that we still need today.

Young Living essential oils can be used in three different methods. The most known and popular way is by inhaling the oils directly. This is a common practice called aromatherapy in which the oils are diffused into the air so that you can breathe them in. Young Living only recommends using a cold-air diffuser so that the micro fine mist of the essential oils that is dispersed will keep it's therapeutic compounds. If you use an aroma lamp, candle, or any diffuser that applies heat to the oils, they can lose their therapeutic benefits and even create toxic compounds. Once the young living essential oils are dispersed, depending on which oils you are using, they give you the following benefits:

*Reduce bacteria, fungus, mold, and unpleasant odors
*Relax the body, relieve tension, and clear your mind
*Help with weight management
*Improve concentration, alertness, and mental clarity
*Relieve headaches
*Improve hormonal balance
and much, much, more...

Another very popular and therapeutic application is applying the oils topically. A lot of the Young Living essential oils can be applied directly to the skin, but since they are very concentrated you may have to dilute them before use. When applying the oils topically, you want to massage them into your skin in a circular motion. Each young living oil has a different purpose and benefit when applying it topically.

Lavender oil is applied to a cut, scrape, or bruise to allow them to heal faster. Lavender oil also helps to reduce scar tissue, and, when applied to the bottoms of your feet or the back of your neck, can bring the feeling of peace and calming. Peppermint oil, when applied, can help with pain, headaches, and overall boost your energy.

The third way to reap the benefits of young living essential oils is through internal consumption. You can place several drops into a gelatin capsule and swallow it with water. You can add some of the oils to your food to enhance the flavor and if it's not heated to much it will retain the benefits. All oils have their own benefits when taken internally. For example: peppermint oil not only makes a great tasting herbal tea but can aid with digestion. Lemon oil not only adds great flavoring to dinners and makes great tasting lemon water but also is a great antioxidant.

Young Living Business Opportunity

Young Living Essential Oils Review: Growing A Business With Young Living Essential Oils.

Young Living Compensation Plan...

Young Living Essential Oils company is a network marketing company that is increasing in size every year and becoming very popular because of the affect that their products have on people. They have a one of a kind product base that no other company in the health and wellness market can really compete with. They also offer a very generous and rewarding compensation plan for sharing their unique products with the world.

When you join Young Living Essential Oils company, you have the opportunity to make money 9 different ways. To start, you will make 24% off all retail sales to your customers. But the most rewarding payouts come from building a business by growing teams of distributors and training them to spread the word of the health and wealth that Young Living offers.

*Young Living operates using a uni-level commission structure. As you build your business, you will receive a percentage of the sales generated by your group down 5 levels deep.
*They offer start-up bonuses when you first bring in distributors into your team. You make a straight forward dollar amount and an additional 25% on their first month's purchases and 15% on their second month's purchases.
*They have a matching bonus. When you help your distributors bring in distributors and they receive their start up bonuses, you will also receive their start up bonuses just for helping them.

These are just a few of the perks in Young Living's compensation plan. The real bonus that they want you to strive for is called the Essential Rewards Bonus. When you sign up with Young Living and decide you want to make it a business, you must enroll into their program called Essential Rewards in order to receive the bonuses.

Essential Rewards is their auto ship program where you have an automatic order of the products you want shipped to you monthly. You must have an order of at least 100pv, which is around $100. You can choose what products you want every month. They have a wide variety of products such as household cleaners, skin care, oral care, nutritional supplements, and the essential oils that have so many uses that they should replace most all of your over the counter drug products anyway. So don't look at it as an additional $100 a month. But instead, stop spending your money for these items from the store and start buying the pure and natural products from yourself through Young Living. Now when you do this and are involved in the Essential Rewards program, you will be eligible to receive bonuses as well as getting lower shipping rates. You will also receive points on each monthly purchase that you can use towards free product when you have accumulated enough points.

The most beneficial bonus is the Essential Rewards bonus. This is when you sign up 6 distributors who sign up for the Essential Rewards auto ship program. You will receive a $100 bonus as long as you are on the Essential Reward program and have at least 1500pgv (personal group volume). The next bonus is $500 and achieved when you help 2 out of your 6 distributors to sign up 6 people of their own that participate in the essential rewards program. Then, the next bonus is $2000 and achieved when you help 2 of their new distributors sign up 6 people. During this bonus, you must always have pgv of at least 1500 and be on the Essential Rewards program. This can be duplicated up to 3 times. You could be receiving up to $6000 a month just on this bonus, not to mention what your commission on your group volume would be. This is Young Living's most sought after bonus and can be done and is being done.

The commission percentage on the uni-level platform is 5% down to 5 levels deep on your group volume. The bigger your business becomes, the more commissions start kicking in with the generation commission and leadership commission, where you get commissions deeper than 5 levels.

Young Living Oils Conclusion

Young Living Essential Oils Scam: Is Young Living a Scam Or a Legit Company?

We asked in the beginning if Young Living Essential Oils is a scam. The information compiled proves in more ways than one that Young Living is NOT a scam. This company is a legit network marketing company that has a product line that produces amazing results in people's lives.

Young Living offers people the chance at a better life in their health and wealth,and it's just up to them to jump on board. There are not many companies out there that have the integrity of Young Living, and I believe this world would be a better place if there were.