I have recently just come across a real musical talent.

And he goes by the name of Madeon, and is just seventeen years of age.

His real name however is Hugo Leclercq, I am sure this name that will be well known to some, but known to many in the future.

I really can't seem him not being a big name in music, following the likes of David Guetta, perhaps bigger, he certainly has the ability.

Madeon describes himself as a 'pop/house producer" from France.

And Classifying his genre as "Electronic"

Having won countless competitions for remixing and producing songs such as the image line friday night remix competition and the island' remix competition.

I personally got to know of his productions through one of his remixes played on the BBC Radio One on the 13th of May 2011.

It was a song that he described before he originally did the remix as a "project for a big artist",  and it was.

In fact it was for the 'Canadian Progressive, electro and house producer' DeadMau5, (actually said as 'Dead Mouse').

With his Deadmau5's 'Raise Your Weapon'.

But now Madeon just got Viral

However this song here is just what might just make Madeon ...

It is what he states to be a  "little idea".

(After hearing this I would love to know one of his big ideas then)

I was certainly a fan before but this time he has blown it out of the water for me.

Here Madeon has produced a musical compilation that has literally gone viral with just under 3 million views (as I write this article up now), in and around twenty days, from the eleventh of July to the first of August.

The remix is receiving a great deal of praise and so it should - with 63,000 likes to just 450 dislikes from YouTube fans (at the time of writing this), which I think must be some kind of record in itself.

The song is a compilation of thirty nine pop songs that he likes, from  the Black Eyed Peas - Gotta Feeling to classics such as The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star.

If you are wanting to know his his full thirty nine track list, it can be found in the description of his YouTube video.

Madeon claims to have  made it with a 'FL Studio & Ableton Live, that is played on a Novation Launchpad and Novation Zero SL MKII'.

Certainly don't think this will harm Novation's sales either.

It is called "Pop Culture" and is performed live.

Please give it a listen (or watch) and simply enjoy.

Truly a modern masterpiece.

Madeon's skills and songs have been such a hit that even national CBS news have come to comment on him, alongside that of the tabloids have been covering him  such as The Guardian in the United Kingdom.

Even catching the ears of Australian Pop Princess Kylie Minogue who shared the video through her twitter account, may have had something to do with the six hundred thousand views 'Pop Culture' had in three days of it being released.

So if Madeon is good enough for Kylie, then he is definitely good enough for me and hopefully you too.

Please let me know what you think of Madeon.