Fountain Of Youth

Young Forever!

Welcome to the fountain of youth. Where smooth skin, strong brain power, and tranquliity is freely given and the fear of wrinkles is dissolved like sugar in a clear liquid. Can such a place exist? Yes.

We can't stop aging, and even with the magic pill that you found on the internet that claims to get rid of wrinkles and symptoms of aging won't work. You might see results but what happens when you run out of supply? That's why there's no magic pill, but there are ways to slow and even reverse aging like never before.

That's what this article is about. I will show you the most natural way to stay looking young while feeling young.

Our modern diet allows us to age faster than ever and weaken our healths. Our diets are not providing the quality that allows us to look and feel great. We have more deaths caused by dieseases and illnesses. A bucket of botox and an expensive wrinkle-free cream won't be nessaciarly as I'll show you the most effective and healthy ways.

While we do have more medicene and products in this day and age, nothing can gaurantee our health more than the natural ways that we have available to us way before products would have aritifcal ingredients and chemicals. No matter how many experts claim to have the next best thing for aging, these ways are proven and guarenteed to have a great effect on your health for today and the future.

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Without water, you'll become very dry. Your body is made up of a lot of water. 70% or more of you is water, so without it, you won't function very well which will take a toll on your body. You are what you consume so if you don't stay hydrated, you apperance will show it.

You need water to keep your skin hydrated and moisterized. If you smoke, I'm sure you notice that your face has more wrinkles than it should. If you drink water, you'll soon notice how much better you look. I know because I noticed when I started to stay properly hydrated for at least 5 years now. 

As a general guideline, keep a bottle or a glass of water with you at all times and consistently take sips. You'll make a lot of bathroom trips for the first few weeks but your bladder will adapt quickly that you'll be going to the bathroom just the same as you are now. 


If you worry about aging, stop. Look forward to the process of it. Why? Because the more you worry about something, the more you stress.

That's what you need less of. If you are stressing, you are causing adrenaline to be released more and more often causing your body to work physically and mentally.

Stress also releases cortisol which causes high blood pressure which combined with adrenaline would make your heart beat faster. Half of doctors appointments are problems caused by stress.

When you have traffic jams or things that are out of your control, try to tell your self "oh well" and help your body become in a relaxed state.

This way, you won't lead yourself into a depressive state. Take 5-15 minutes a day to sit in a quiet place where you know you won't be disturbed and breath. Let your shoulders raise and drop with each inhale and exhale. Let your eyes drop and imagine becoming more and more relaxed.

If a thought disturbs you, again tell yourself "oh well". This is not for everyone so you can always find another activity that will allow you to use repetitive breathing while releasing stress like running. If you want to slow your aging, try to release the stress!

reytRelax Your Self With A Cold Shower

Have you ever been in the middle of a hot shower and suddenly your water turns cold? When the feeling of the soothing hot water turned into freezing cold water, you stopped feeling so relaxed.


This is one benefit of cold water because it can be replaced with caffeine as it does a great job of waking you up. The benefits are endless, it improves circulation, relieves depression, strengthens immune system and raises testosterone levels as well as strength and energy levels.

If you think about it, what happens when you freeze something like meat? It remains the same right? It doesn't go bad and bacteria doesn't grow. The same thing happens when you are showering or emerged in low temperature water. 

Cold water also closes pores so bacteria won't invade your skin. 

Careful when you switch to cold water because it can shock your body. Make a slow transition. Try your regular hot shower, then for the last minute or few seconds slowly make the water a bit colder. It may take a few weeks to get your body adapted to it. Some people build up to it really well that they are able to swim in freezing waters with no problem! You'll find them with shiny, fresh skin and hair. They look like they've been  frozen like they haven't aged! 


A better fitness level for you, means an easier life for your body. When your muscles and tendons become stronger, so does your joints.


Your joints become protected by the surrounding muscles and your connective tissues hold them together more effectively which means you will be able to enjoy your life at the fullest.

Your body will become more efficient if it is challenged with 20-60 minutes of moderate to high intensity workouts. Imagine challenging yourself with stress for 12 or more hours a day. physically and mentally it's very draining.

After a workout, you will feel refreshed and you might even forget what you were stressed about. Your body becomes more efficient in handling such stressful days.


The ways i've stated to keep yourself naturally young while maintaining the wellness of your health and strength, are proven and backed with research and common sense. You won't find anything like "i know a guy that does this". I use these techniques my self and I promise you that you will find a difference when you start using them in your life. For the strength of your health and well-being, keep on going!