If you have ever owned a Baby Jogger stroller before chances are great that you love them already. For new parents shopping for your first stroller it’s safe to say that The City Mini series of strollers will be right up your alley in terms of price and value.

As a proud parent of a 10 month old son I can say we love our 2011 City Mini stroller to no end but we are simply salivating at the newly released 2012 City Mini GT stroller. Baby Jogger added this stroller to their lineup this year making this the first release of the bigger and beefier City Mini stroller.

Why I Like The City Mini GT Stroller

Baby Jogger Strollers - High Performance Strollers Of All TypesFirst of all the 2012 City Mini Single stroller which was also recently released was a great upgrade over the 2011 version. It has a bigger seat which better accommodates larger toddlers without phasing out support for their youngest riders. The City Mini also is designed to give slightly easier access to the storage basket under the seat as well as a newly included latch which keeps the stroller folded unless you don’t’ want it to activate. I’ve written more in depth about the differences between the 2011 and 2012 City Mini strollers before if you need more info.

My wife and I love the City Mini GT 2012 stroller because it incorporates all the above enhancements to the regular Mini but also takes those upgrades a few steps further with a number of key differences.

For starters the front wheel design is a single forever-filled tire (filled with a foam that won’t deflate) which is slightly larger than the City Mini’s plastic tire. The single tire design and the larger foam filled tire make the GT Baby Jogger stroller much better for use on non-paved surfaces as well as some rough roads and trails.

In addition to the child size increases in the regular stroller the GT provides even more width and depth in the seat and back area for even larger toddlers as well as a deeper foot rest for longer legs. The max head height for your child in the GT stroller is a full three inches greater than the City Mini, measuring at 26 inches compared to 23.

With the increases in child size accommodation you can also fit a heavier child in the Mini GT. The regular Mini stroller has a max weight of 50 lbs compared to 65 lbs for the GT.

The City Mini GT Stroller: Reviewing The Parents Comfort

Sure the GT City Mini stroller will be better able to keep your child comfortable with the extra room, the nearly flat recline, and the improved front wheels and suspension (new to the GT stroller) but it will also be more comfortable for you, the parent pushing the stroller.

The handlebar is adjustable! As a man standing six feet one inches tall I can’t reiterate enough how great this feature is. So many strollers have adjustable handlebars to accommodate parents of different heights and now the City GT stroller has this feature. No longer will I have to hunch over or accidentally kick the wheels while I walk. The adjustable handlebars should make this a problem of the past.

Similarly helpful in certain situations the hand operated brake will be nice as this isn’t a feature offered on the regular stroller. Among other color options and the hand brake the only other feature that excites me is the lower storage basket access. I have routinely been annoyed with the access to this basket in the 2011 City Mini stroller but the 2012 GT stroller should be much better.

The GT does weigh a bit more. It weighs in at 20.9 lbs compared to the 16.8 lb regular Mini stroller. In all honesty though, this is negligible in my opinion because even at 21 pounds the GT is still fairly light and is worth it for the extra size.

City Mini GT Stroller by Baby JoggerThe 2012 City Mini GT Stroller was recently released in February 2012 and sells at nearly all baby stores and big box retailers. For reviews of actual customers I always recommend checking out the reviews section on the Amazon website under the product description. The GT does cost around $100 more than the standard 2012 City Mini single stroller but in my opinion it’s worth it and I will be upgrading right away.

No matter what Baby Jogger stroller you do buy you have to get one of these consoles. They will make your life so much easier.