A lot of people put their faith in beauty products and beauty products alone. The fact is that there are things that may prevent products to work in a timely fashion and it is good to know them so that you can avoid them. An anti-wrinkle cream alone will have some effect on the way it affects your skin but if you do not know what is slowing down its progress, the results may be very limited. Here are a few of the things that will slow down the progress of your wrinkle reducing cream.

The Sun

Constant exposure to the sun is probably the one thing that will make your anti-wrinkle cream seem ineffective. That is because your skin suffers burns and therefore wrinkles are created. You may be recovering from some wrinkles but new ones are taking their place. If you are exposing yourself to the sun then you should make sure that you are using some protection. It is better to use a higher SPF so that your wrinkle reducing cream has time to work. If you can reduce your exposure to the sun, then that is even better.


Collagen is actually a good thing for your skin. The problem is that as we age, we produce less of it. That is why wrinkles form. There is also less elastin in the skin and that is when it becomes to look withered and old. Your anti-wrinkle cream should give you these missing ingredients. Without them, chances are that you will not get much. You should also look for creams which include sunblock in them so that your collagen decrease does not affect your skin as much.

Bad Diets

If your diet lacks vitamins your skin will suffer the consequences. You need vitamins in your diet, especially vitamins A, C and E as well as amino acids which help the skin. If you are not consuming enough of these vitamins and minerals, then you should be adding supplements. An anti-wrinkle cream can also include those vitamins but if you are consuming them, it will do an even better job. Ask your doctor about any vitamin deficiency that you may have so that you can control your vitamin intake.

Lack Of Sleep

Finally, a lack of sleep can also slow down the progress of your anti-wrinkle cream. Your body needs to rest in order to recuperate. Without that rest, your body becomes weak and even if you are consuming all the right nutrients, they might not go to the right place. If you are doing any of those things then you should make sure to change that behavior so that not only will your anti-wrinkle work better, but you will also need it less.