For those who spend a wee bit of time sipping beer atop barstools (and I don't mean your kitchen barstools) and are bored with standard barstool spectator sports like watching blood-spattering hockey fights and ogling bikini babes bosoms, there's finally something stimulating. Barstool Racing!

For the uninitiated, a barstool racer is exactly what you feared it would be - a bar stool with a motor! Just your average swivel barstool with your average Honda 600, 4- cylinder engine with up to 5 speeds on 4 tires with drive train, hydraulic or disc brakes, steering wheel (or handlebars) and colorful custom-welded tubular frame.

Taking a spin on swivel barstools has a whole new meaning with barstool racing!

You can get plans for your very own barstool racer in two different designs - a Classic Cruiser barstool racer or a Pro Street Cruiser - for just under $10 at Barstool Racer Supply. And don't forget your barstool racing apparel which does not consist of a helmet, padding, jock strap or cup, but a t-shirt to protect you while engaging in this barstool sport!

How much will you have to invest to get involved in this stooling activity? Well, since you build it yourself by collecting the necessary parts and welding them together or by buying a kit and assembling everything, the prices vary greatly depending on the engine size and model you select, the types of tires, the drive train, the braking system and steering style, but it seems to not be a cheap sport to get into -from about $600 to almost $2000, which may not include the most important component - a barstool!

Many select their favorite official Sports Team Barstool like the US Beer Drinking Team Bar Stool for $79.96 or a the Imperial NBA Team Logo Bar Stool for $79.99 (both available at Walmart or All Barstools) or the MLB Team Bar Stools for $137.95 from Dazadi, or the NBA Team Logo Barstools for $79.95 from Brookstone, or the Detroit Tigers MLB Team BAR Stool for $124.99 from Sports Unlimited Inc., or the Major League Baseball Team Bar Stool for $159.99 from and Hayneedle, or the Imperial NFL Team Logo Bar Stool for $124.95, or the Philadelphia Flyers Bar Stool with chrome base and a team-colored seat designed for $119.99 from Sports Authority. Or a Harley Davidson barstool, which is perfect for a barstool racer since it's made with heavy gauge tubular steel frame and a chrome plated finish and has a commercial grade vinyl seat with thick foam and 360 degree swivel.

No mater what style you select, your favorite leather barstools or metal barstools can be comfortably converted into a racer to drive to, or away from, any pub table in style.