If you are planing on purchasing a point-and-shoot camera, why not reconsider and use the camera in your phone.

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These days, cell phone cameras are of high enough quality to favourably compare with many of the dedicated point and shoot cameras, found in your local camera store. Also, many cell phones can produce stunning video and record reasonable quality sound.


Technical Advantages

While the traditional, beginner level, pocket size camera has its advantages (extra settings and features), most of us don't really want a complicated process when taking a picture. What we want is ease of use, and to have an enjoyable photographic experience (aka: fun).

Many of the latest smart phones have large LCD screens which help you to see and compose your image. The basic camera controls are also easy to see and use, due to this large screen. For people with sight challenges or trouble using traditional camera controls, this is welcome news.

New lens adaptors are also now available which enable the more demanding photographer to take images with different viewing angles. These adaptors give your default cell lens a telephoto, wide angle or macro ability.

In case you accidentally drop your precious electronic device, there are many speciality shops that offer protective cases in an assortment of styles and colours (some, waterproof as well). No reason not to take your phone with you wherever you go.

For those who want to delve into image editing and manipulation, your cell phone allows you to download and almost unlimited selection of apps and other software while you are on the go, away from your computer at home or office. In fact, today’s cell phones can likely replace the need for any home computer (cell phones really are advanced computers, anyway).

Images can be stored and displayed on sites like Flickr, Photobucket and others or shared with family and friends.



Who doesn’t want to share a picture? With the touch of a button you can let anyone see your new image by sending it via the internet. It goes to the core of who we are as cell pic 2humans, the desire to communicate with others.

Social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr for example) allow us to instantly upload our images. The feed back you get and the enjoyment of the process may encourage you to just keep on clicking your camera.


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Motivation.  Always Ready When You Are

Unlike the traditional dedicated camera, cell phone cameras, allow people to share images in a no fuss way. You likely already carry your cell phone with you, so you'll always be ready to point and shoot. No holding back.