If you've just been asked to be the best man in someone's wedding, give yourself a pat on the back. That is a huge honor that any man would be proud of. This job does come with some responsibilities, however. Always remember these best man duties for the wedding.

The first thing you'll need to do is coordinate with all the other groomsmen. The groom has a lot on his mind, so you'll act as the ringleader for everyone else. This includes making sure they get fitted for their tuxedos.

There are many groomsmen who will put this task off, but remind them that tuxedos have to be ordered ahead of time since the bride and groom probably want a specific style.

On the day of the wedding, one of your best man duties will be to make sure that the groom has his tuxedo together as well as each of the other groomsmen. Carry helpful things with you like deodorant, a comb, and a lint roller just in case anyone needs it. You're going to be very busy keeping all these other men straight!

Some couples may want you to hand out bulletins, but many have someone else take on that responsibility. You will probably be asked to escort guests to their seat. It is especially important that you coordinate with the wedding planner or officiant to make sure you know who sits where.

The mothers and grandmothers usually get escorted in, in a special way. One of your best man duties is to make sure the seating process gets off without a hitch.

You will probably stand up front with the bride and groom during the ceremony. Your job is to assist the groom in any way possible.

Mainly, you will be holding the rings until they are ready to put them on each other's finger. This is a very important task! Imagine how silly it would look if you forgot the rings in the back room.

After the wedding, you'll be presented in a special way along with the maid or matron of honor. Since you have such a special role you'll get to sit at the head table with the bride and groom.

This comes with added responsibility, as you'll have to be sure to behave yourself. All eyes will be on the head table in honor of the bride and groom!

The best man generally gives a toast near the start of the reception. Prepare your speech well, and make sure you find tune it to fit their needs and personality. Speak clearly and confidently.

After the reception, you'll need to help clean up and wish the bride and groom well! Make sure that the other groomsmen help as well. You may have to round them up off the dance floor, but you don't want to groom to have to worry about a single aspect of the wedding. Your job is to help everything go as smoothly as possible.

There are many best man duties to keep in mind. It can be a little overwhelming at first, but don't let the list get you down. The majority of grooms will work with you to let you know what they expect out of you. Remember to have fun and enjoy the day!

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