The title of this post has really encompassed the driving thought I have had in my head as of  late.  I have said in my mind,

"my body is a temple"

It has helped me to stop eating unhealthy foods.  I no longer am willing to just stuff whatever processed, corn syrup, preservative filled junk into my mouth. 

I also no longer can use calorie counters or any other method of tracking my food intake. 

Jillian and Bob from The Biggest Loser would be going out of their minds on me for saying that.  The fact is, I don't really want to take the time to input each damn little bite I eat.  Here is what is working for me and caused me to drop 15 lbs in the last two weeks, while maintaining even increasing my power lifts at the gym. 

1)  Eat caveman style... Meaning if it wasnt around for the caveman to eat.  Don't eat it.  There is plenty of natural foods out there to partake of that don't need to come from a can or box.  All fruits, vegetables, nuts and lean meats that were available to our cavemen ancestors we can partake of. 

2) Stop eating BEFORE not after you feel your stomach begin to stretch with  food.  Quit shoving food in your mouth.  How simple is that?  Well not very but you have to become accustomed to how your body tells you its full.   Although above I told you to eat caveman style, I don't mean to stuff yourself because you don't know where your next meal is coming from.  For modern humans who no longer have to hunt and kill their stuff or grow it themselves.  Food is readily available at the local grocer. 

3)  Be sure to surround yourself with healthy options.  If all you have in your cupboard is little debbies,  it is  going to be pretty hard to start living healthier.  Remove the junk food from your house and replace it with the caveman stuff.

If you use these tips you will find yourself shedding inches and pounds as I have.  A proper caveman diet will get you lean muscle, increased energy, and a whole bunch of new self-confidence.  So quit lying around and start getting the body you deserve.  Caveman style.

whenever you feel the urge to partake of the junk out there remember that you body is a temple and it was designed to be eating exactly as the cavemen did.  Not as the supermegastore prepackaged food sellers would have you believe.