Best Phones for Business

Mobile phones can be confusing. Not only are there just so many devices and so many operators that will give you service, but there's a ton of technical jargon as well. Today we're demystifying the world of business mobile deals and work phones. So, if you're looking for a great new business phone and a contract to go with it, then read on to get all your questions answered...

Why Do I Need a Business Phone?

Actually, you might not. It used to be that certain phone models were expressly marketed as business devices, but nowadays a lot of high end phones are suitable for business use. You're not actually looking for a specific business phone, but you are looking for a phone that can be used as a business phone. Basically, you want something that is reliable and fast to give you the service that you're looking for. Plus, you want a phone that has good scheduling abilities, as well as good connectivity.

What Kind of Specs am I Looking For?

You're looking for something pretty high end to get the speed and reliability that you need in a decent business phone. For starters, you're going to need processing or CPU power of around 1.5 GHz to get the speed you are looking for as well as the ability to run the latest software versions. You'll need some good RAM as well, around 1 GB, to make the device responsive and good at multi-tasking. Large screens are important on business phones, both for reading documents and emails easily without too much scrolling, and for more comfortable on screen typing, so look for at least four and a half inches. You'll need some good internal memory so that you can store plenty of data, so about 16 GB should be your limit. Finally, you might want to think about getting a 4G capable phone in order to take advantage of the faster mobile internet speeds that 4G will give you, though remember that you will have to choose an operator that has a 4G network in order to get this service. If your operator has no 4G network, your phone will simply use 3G instead.

What are the Best Business Mobiles?

There are quite a few solid business phones on the market right now. The HTC One is probably the best, with its system of home screen news feeds that lets you stay up to date with stock tickers or your email inbox without even opening an app. The Samsung Galaxys are also good business devices, both the new S4 and the older S III. The iPhone 5 is a great work phone with excellent scheduling software. If you're looking for a Windows device, then the new Nokia Lumia 925 is the obvious choice, though the slightly older Lumia 920 is also a good deal. And Blackberry lovers have the new Blackberry Z10, a fully touch screen phone that's loaded with all the traditional Blackberry business software.

How Can I Get Business Mobile Deals?

Because good business phone tend to be high end, getting good business mobile deals can be tough. Retailers just don't have the incentives to discount models that are already in high demand. Your best bet for getting the best prices is going to be to shop online. Many retailers and most mobile operators offer discounts to online shoppers. And you can use mobile comparison web sites to make sure that you're getting the best deals.

Which Operator is Best for Business Deals?

That's a tough question, since it's really going to depend on exactly what you're looking for. In general, O2 offers the best service for business customers. They have specific business calling plans that are designed to meet the needs of business clients. O2 also offers discounts to freelance or self-employed customers, so it's worth checking these out. Another good option is T-Mobile, since they offer large calling plans at good prices, something that often appeals to business customers. T-Mobile tends to have good coverage as well. Finally, if you're looking to use your mobile on business trips abroad, then Orange have the cheapest mobile roaming packages, so it might be worth checking out contracts with them.

What am I Looking for in a Business Calling Plan?

Then you sign a contract with a mobile operator you'll be asked to choose a calling plan. This plan will give you a monthly limit for the amount of mobile data, calling minutes and text messages that you can use for a fixed monthly fee. If this calling plan is too large you're going to pay for services that you don't use, since you'll pay the same monthly price if you use all your limits or none of them. On the other hand, if the plan is too small you'll be paying expensive extra fees for using extra services. Obviously, you need to carefully choose the size of the plan that you want, and it's best to err on the side of generosity. However, an important factor in a business plan is mobile data. Whilst with calling minutes and text messages you will still get service (albeit with those expensive extra charges) when you exceed you monthly limits, with mobile data you won't necessarily. Many operators slow down mobile data speeds dramatically when data limits are exceeded, meaning that you might not get that important email in time.

It's a good idea to look for a plan that offers you unlimited mobile data if possible, or at least a very high limit, you should go for a minimum of 2 GB of data per month. You might want to look at roaming packages as well, if you're often called abroad on business trips. These are usually offered as add-ons to normal contracts for which you'll pay a small extra monthly fee. But the savings that you get from a roaming package more than make up for the monthly fee that you pay to get the package, and these plans really are worth considering if you spend a lot of time abroad.

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