You car accident settlement is what puts your life back together after you've been in a crash. It's important that you know what to expect before you head into the settlement so that you can get the most money possible. It's also extremely important that you know what you're doing if you aren't using an auto accident attorney.

The damages that are most commonly covered in a car accident settlement are auto expenses, medical expenses, lost wages, and other non-tangible things like pain and suffering. Each case is very different from the next, so it's difficult to say what applies to your case, but these are the easiest damages to receive compensation for. A skilled attorney can get you other things on top of these in your car accident insurance settlement.

Average Car Accident Settlement

Since no two car accidents are the same, it's impossible to say what the average settlement that people receive is. It's not difficult to add up a rough expectation of what your compensation should be, though. Take into account the value of your car, medical expenses, and any other things that have costed you money throughout this ordeal and you can make a fairly educated guess on what you can possible receive. An attorney will cost you between 30-40% of your compensation, but they can help you receive way more than you can get on your own.

Since car accident settlement amounts vary so much it's possible that you may only receive the amount of damage to your car, or you can receive millions of dollars. The severity and the party at fault will determine how much your compensation will be. If your accident was very severe and you're not at fault, the chances are very good that you'll receive a handsome payout from the car accident insurance claim.

Maximizing Your Car Accident Injury Settlement

In order to get the most compensation (without lying or cheating) you have to be very detailed and organized throughout the entire process. Keep records of everything. I really mean everything - detail what your doctor says, what the other insurance companies say, anything that has to do with your accident needs to be documented. It's much easier to shred a paper that you don't need than it is to deal without getting compensated for something because you don't have any proof of it.

Also, be sure to get second opinions on damages. Get a second or third opinion on the damage to yourself and to your vehicle. It makes more sense to get everything that was caused by your accident taken care of now, rather than later on with your own insurance. A second or third set of eyes will help ensure this.

If you really want to get the most possible car accident injury settlement, you're going to need legal help. They've been through situations similar to yours and know what it takes to get you paid. Even better, some attorneys have a "no-win, no-pay" policy that says that if you don't get anything, they don't get paid. This is almost a guarantee that they're going to work very hard to get you the compensation you need to get your life back together.

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