In many ways, owning a caravan is very much like owning a house that you can drive around and park at will. Whilst most of the more modern vehicles are fitted out with attractive fittings, you might like to add your own personal touch to make the whole space feel more homely. Fortunately, this can be achieved by decorating your van in colours and textures that you find appealing. But how should you go about giving your caravan a makeover? 

Firstly, you need to take a moment to walk around the van as it is and familiarize yourself with its décor. You might also like to draw a basic plan of the vehicle, indicating where beds, cupboards, doors and windows were located. Whilst it is possible to move some features around during the decorating process (such as beds), other features will have to remain put (such as windows). You need to know what you need to decorate around.

Luxury Caravan

Secondly, you need to imagine what you want your caravan will look like when its finished. Take note of the layout – has it changed at all to the current layout of the vehicle? Pay attention to the colour scheme – what sorts of shades can you see in the space? Scrutinize the entire vehicle from top to bottom – what sorts of accessories and features can you see in the space? Begin looking in magazines and online for inspiration that you can collect. 

Thirdly, you can begin planning the new appearance for your caravan and purchasing all of the items that you will need to put it together. Keep in mind that you can always save some costs by opting to create some trimmings, such as curtains and bedspreads, yourself. You could also purchase some decorative touches online or keep an eye out for sales if you are worried about completely blowing your budget.


Fourthly, it is time to begin decorating your caravan. Just remember that it may take days or even weeks for the vehicle to be completely finished; it just depends on how quickly you are able to pick up items you need and how long it takes you to put it all together (especially if you are making some items). You may also need to employ contractors to put some pieces together, such as cupboards, and book in electricians if you are making changes to these areas. 

Fifthly, you can take the time to fully appreciate the decoration of your caravan by taking it on the road. There is no better way to test how your makeover has improved the comfort of your van than taking it out into the Australian wilderness and simply trying it out. There is nothing wrong with bring proud of the hard work you have put into the vehicle – after all, it no possesses a piece of yourself that you should be happy to show off. 

As you can see from the above guide, decorating your caravan is fairly easy once you know what you’re doing. By following each of the above steps, you can rest assured that the finished design will be exactly what you wanted and that it meets your travelling needs entirely. Don’t forget to ask yourself whether you have enough time, whether you can afford it and whether you really have the drive to complete this project before starting.