Creating a comfortable, stylish and well-decorated dinning room is not a difficult task, but regardless of current trends and magazine advices, a dinning room should always be decorated according to your own personality and taste; decorating books and magazines should be used as inspiration tools rather that a digital design of how your dinning room will look like.Modern, country or chic – it doesn’t matter the style you have used or are considering to use in your dinning room; this space is a key part of any house; hence the importance of comfortable furniture for your family (in particular chairs and table) but without defying good taste; remember that your guests will probably end up in the dinning room at one point or another. 

Any home, regardless of the size and type of decoration normally has an area intended to be a dinning room; in expensive cities such as New York, London, Paris or Chicago; this area is now part of an open plan kitchen or in many cases part of the living room; but regardless of the location, space and distribution, a dinning room occupies an important function in a home for the gathering of family members and friends; this is why the lighting, colors, furniture and accessories are some of the factors that vary and are the heterogeneity of styles and designs of dinning rooms that reflects your taste and style skills.


Open Plan Kitchen or Traditional Dinning Room?

Until recent years, the dinning room and kitchen were directly connected and although in many countries this is still the norm; nowadays, there is a growing trend in integrating it with other areas of the house; this is highly advisable if you are planning to put your house in the market as the space can be used to create an extra bedroom which will increase the value of your home dramatically.  Money and location are important factors as well: the square footage of the house you are able to buy will determine the arrangement of your home and the different spaces and furniture.


The Importance of Light in a Dinning Room

A dark room is unwelcoming and unattractive to people, especially during winter. The location of a dinning room should be ideally located near a big window; although if this space is shared with the living room or kitchen, the most likely location will be away from natural light; in this case, artificial light will be just as good: dimmer switches, a lamp or chandelier are the perfect solution for a dark room.  It is very important to create a serene and pleasant environment and light will have this effect. You should try to avoid shadows on the table so if a lamp is not enough, then two will improve this problem

Complimentary Color Scheme for the Dinning Room

The perfect color scheme should be carefully analyzed according to the furniture you have bought, the size of the area and your personal taste. If you prefer a clean, smooth, pure and spotless area you should use pastel colors for the walls; this effect can be easily achieved with a very light blue tone – many bedrooms are painted in blue by the sense of tranquility that it transmits.


Wall StickerCredit: AmazonAlthough red color was commonly used in the 19th century as a sign of wealth and the fact many households still use red in dinning rooms; this should be avoided if you want to control and reduce stress levels at meals and family gatherings. A softer color will make you forget about the clock and any rush you may have; if you are a fan of bright colors you have the choice to paint three walls with a soft color or the traditional white and paint one with the color of your choice. You can also opt for wallpaper or an Easy Instant Decoration Wall Sticker Decal - Blossoms in the Wind– easily to find and affordable to buy on Amazon. This will revive any wall and have two immediate effects: the wall will gain prominence and change the perspective of the space.


Furniture in Dinning Room

The square footage and location of your dinning area will determine the size and style of the furniture to buy; it is important to avoid cluttering it if you want to feel relax in this room. The furniture you have will also be an important factor in the paint to use; e.g.: blue blends ideally with white, gray and light wood furniture. The furniture in white, pickled wood and the more rustic look will benefit with a cool background such as the Blossoms in the Wind Wall Sticker Wall. Regardless of the furniture you have, the must be in perfect conditions: Leather furniture should be cleaned and conditioned; wood furniture cleaned and waxed and dark stains removed from wood.


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