Top rated motorcycle sunglasses are much more than just a fashion statement. Now that many jurisdictions have rescinded their helmet laws many riders are once again riding helmetless. Whether you agree that this is a good safety choice, surely there is no argument that without helmets and safety shields any smart rider will be wearing a good pair of safety glasses.

Motorcycle sunglasses are the choice for many riders. Protection from sun, wind, bugs and flying debris is easily achieved with a good pair of motorcycle goggles or cycling sunglasses. When choosing your glasses be sure to review the manufactures information as many of the sunglasses called motorcycle sunglasses do not offer protection from wind or flying debris and are actually just fashionable sunglasses.

Do You Need Padding For Wind Protection?

A top line pair of motorcycle sunglasses will have padding to prevent wind from aggravating your eyes and in some cases will have a strap to hold them securely on the head. Of course you will want good UV protection from long periods in bright sun but be sure the lens have a good safety rating as well.

Look for safety certifications similar to this; Certification: MIL-V-43511C BALLISTIC / ANSI Z87.1-2003 high velocity. You will find frame material from low end plastics to Nylon and high end aluminum or magnesium. Keep in mind that motorcycle sunglasses like cycling sunglasses will take much more abuse than standard sunglasses. You would be wise to budget for a higher end, solid, frame and scratch resistant lenses that will offer protection and comfort for many years.

While there are a number of brands available two of the top most sought after are Wiley X and Orange County Chopper. The latter brand probably gets it popularity because of the TV show of the same name while the Wiley-x brand remains popular because of it's durability and history of rider satisfaction.

Read The Amazon Customer Reviews For Help In Choosing The Best Glasses

You can find a good selection of both of these manufacturer's glasses on Amazon along with other brands. A little time spent reviewing the available motorcycle sunglasses will help you choose the best pair for your lifestyle. In many cases you will find the best prices at Amazon and you can always be sure of top customer service and liberal return policies if needed.

Here is one of the popular Wiley X models.

Wiley X Model SG-1, Smoke/Clear Lens, Matte Black Frame

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List Price:  $183.68
Price:  $82.73Wiley-x 71 SG-1 Smoke Clear Motorcycle SunglassesCredit: Amazon
You Save:  $100.95 (55%)

Product Description

Why sacrifice a great look for superior functionality when you can have both? Wiley X Goggles stay in place and easily adapt to your activity level. Customizable (lens package, temples for sunglass conversion) with durable Ultra-Foam sealing and Foil anti-fog technology to keep wearers comfortable and well protected. Meets and exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2003 high velocity impact safety and optical standards.

Here is an Orange County Chopper offering.

Orange County Chopper Safety Eyewear - occ304 safety glasses silver alum frame
Price:  $68.99

Orange County Chopper Motorcycle SunglassesCredit: Amazon

Product Description

247-11451-00000 This item features: -Lightweight & durable frames. -Spring-hinge temples. -Adjustable nose bridge. -High impact lenses absorb 99.9pct UV. -OCC logo on temple or lens. -Lens Material: Polycarbonate. -Includes: Microfiber Bag, Lanyard. Testing and approvals: -Meet ANSI Z87.1-2003 Standards. -Meet CSA Z94.3-2002 Standards. Model Code  Model Description AASeries:100, Frame Color:Black, Lens Tint:Clear, Lens Coating/Shade:Anti-Fog, Frame Material:Aluminum/Magnesium ABSeries:100, Frame Color:Black, Lens Tint:Indoor/Outdoor.

Before you choose a pair of  motorcycle sunglasses make sure you decide whether you are only searching for a stylish pair of sunglasses to offer protection from the sun and possibly make a fashion statement or if you really need a solid pair of safety glasses to protect your eyes while riding.