Xbox One

Xbox One

The changes that were meant to be

All started on the 21st of May with the revealling of Xbox One. The news were shocking. People would no longer be able to rent, lend, and buy a used game, let alone play them unless they had an establised internet connection on a 24-hour basis. In other words, the way gamers interacted was about to change. Or, in essense, less and less of them would get on the Xbox One wagon when it showed over the horizon.

On the E3 that followed, Sony hit Microsoft hard with spots stating the obvious. People lending and sharing game disks. On a humorous note that was presented as a feature of the PS4 over the Xbox one.

Now after a whole month since the initial presentation of the Xbox One to the general public, Microsoft has provided an update that essentially let people know that all of these features that caused people to critisize Microsoft's choices were removed. From now on, no 24 hour internet connection is required for offline gaming modes, just a one time connection to the internet. Gamers will be able to do as they please with their games, pretty much as they were doing up till now with the xbox 360 (or with any games console since the era of the Atari 2600), and lastly there will be no regional restrictions. i.e., any game you buy on any part of the world will be playable to any Xbox One console all over the world.

It seems that Microsoft has listened to the gamers' complaints and changed their mind, but it also seems that this move on their part was also done in order to satisfy and please the big retailers selling used games, rental companies etc. Without these changes taking effect, the Xbox one would probably lose a lot of its loyal followers, and there would be further financial loses if the used game retailers and rental companies were taken out of the picture.

Yet, all in all these changes are for the better of the gaming community providing "features" that have been the norm in the last 2 and a half decades :)