Whether you have finally realized that it is about time to buy a smart-mobile or your work requires you to have a smart phone, you now have to step out of your comfort zone and explore the endless possibilities of smart-mobiles today.

While it is easier to think that a good number of people have their own smartphone especially in the younger generation, that’s not the case for everyone.  For some, transitioning to a smart mobile can be mind boggling and confusing as to which smart-phone to choose.

The Transition from an Old mobile to a Smart Phone

The transition from an old mobile to a smartphone can be a gruesome process for a person who is inexperienced.  One should have basic knowledge regarding a smart-mobile and how it works before making any smart phone purchase.

Aside from the fact that smart-mobiles cost more, most of these units come with post-paid plans or monthly service costs rather than prepaid ones.  Deciding to get a smart phone calls for some serious thinking.  People who do not want monthly service costs can opt for a prepaid plan instead that calls for less responsibility.  However, most smart-mobile applications work best when they are constantly connected to the internet either through a wireless internet connection or via the carrier’s network.

A Quick Buying Guide for First-Time Buyers of Smart Phone

For first-time buyers of smart-mobiles, it can be a more confusing experience as compared to those persons who have had experience using one.  This is most especially true today because of the dozen models and numerous brands of smart phones on the market.  A first-time buyer can easily be overwhelmed, which is why it is highly suggested to equip yourself with the proper knowledge before heading out to buy your first ever smart-mobile.

Here are some quick buying tips to guide you in finding the right smart mobile:

  • Determine your needs

The world of smart-phones today is fiercely competitive, with the different manufacturers trying to outdo each other.  Remember that the best smart mobile for other people might not suit your needs at all.  Each smart-phone has its own strengths and weaknesses.  The best way would be to know what you want and need and you can easily go from there.


  • Know the different operating systems (OS)

Reviewers have recently concluded that purchasing a smart mobile has become harder than purchasing a laptop because of the various operating systems today.  To give you a quick summary, here are the most familiar OS, their strength and weaknesses:

  • Android – Most popular, great multitasking ability, and easy to understand and get accustomed to but most vulnerable to malware.
  • iOS – The easiest to use interface, high-quality apps, and Siri Voice but limited multitasking ability.
  • Windows Phone – Great for first-time smart mobile users but have limited specs range.
  • BlackBerry – Great security, long battery life, and have Blackberry phones have physical keyboards (but outdated hardware).


  • Choose which carrier you want

Carriers launch promos every now and then making it quite hard to choose and stay with one carrier only.  Almost all carriers also have package bundles of smart phone and service that most people prefer because the smart phones are almost always free or priced very low.


  • It pays to know the basic specifications

Most first-time smart phone buyers do not really care about the specifications because they have no idea which to choose.  Here are some important things to consider:

  • Screen resolution is more important than screen size.
  • Always go for dual-core processors or more.
  • Choose smart phones that have a micro SD card slot for better memory expansion.
  • Smart phone cameras matter when you do not have your own digital camera.
  • Always ask about the battery power

. . .

If you bear all these points in mind, you are ready to purchase your first ever phone.  Just remember not to stress too much about it as this will just be the first of many.

Pay monthly phones are the most common option used to buy smart phones, meaning you get the phone free in return for a fixed monthly payment commitment for two years.