Bed And Breakfast Sign


There are many options for accommodations while on vacation. One type of accommodation people tend to avoid or never consider are bed & breakfasts. A bed & breakfast is when people rent out extra bedrooms in their house and offer breakfast in the morning for money. This is a good money-maker for the home owner and a cheap option with a home feeling for tourists. It's a win-win situation. However, many people find it strange to stay in a stranger's house and therefore avoid it and go with a hotel instead.

What Is A Bed & Breakfast Like?

Bed & breakfasts vary in what the rooms look like, but most bed & breakfasts operate the same way. When you pay for a night, you get a private room to sleep in and free breakfast in the morning. Bed & breakfasts offer breakfast where the host offers to cook breakfast before the guests checkout. This is nothing fancy but is usually your typical eggs, pancakes, juice, cereal, etc. Bed and breakfasts don't typically offer many amenities (pool, exercise center, etc.) or things to do either but, they are mostly for sleeping and recovering only.


  • Cost: A bed & breakfast can cost $50-100 per night in a foreign country. This is a very good rate, especially when breakfast is included in the rate.
  • Breakfast Included: No need to go find another place to eat breakfast. You don't even have to pay extra for the breakfast and since it is homemade breakfast, it's usually good and filling.
  • Home Feeling: A bed & breakfast give you a home feeling because they're owned by a family or couple, unlike a hotel.
  • No long-term reservations required: There is no need to book a room weeks ahead of time. You can just walk in and book a room in some places and others need a short reservation.


  • Can get expensive: Some bed & breakfasts, including many in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean could cost around $200 per night. This is around the cost of a hotel room if not higher.
  • Little to no amenities: Don't expect a pool, exercise room, and a hot tub all in a bed & breakfast. While there might be one of these, you most likely won't find much to do in a bed & breakfast. They are more for just sleeping overnight. Some bed & breakfasts don't even have TV's in the rooms.
  • Lack of security: Bed & breakfasts aren't as secure as hotels do so people could come in your room and steal your things. Tip: don't bring valuables to a bed & breakfast.
  • Lack of rooms: Some bed & breakfasts only consist of a few rooms (3-5 rooms) so they could fill up fast. If you're lucky, you'll find a bed & breakfast that is larger (10-12+ rooms) and has vacancy.
  • Not family friendly: Bed & breakfasts are more for single people or couples who can fit into one room. If you stay in a bed & breakfast with your whole family then you'll need multiple rooms and will pay more for the extra people. In addition, kids could break things or make lots of noise.
  • Not for night owls: Bed & breakfast owners will lock the doors at night so you'll have to stay in after a certain Time. Also they don't want people staying up all night making noise or moving around. This is not good for people who go to bed late or want to spend a night out on the town.

Should You Stay In A Bed & Breakfast?

It depends on your standards. If you like the feeling of staying in a house, and want a good breakfast, all for a good price then a bed & breakfast would be a perfect experience for you. If you want all the things a hotel provides and have a bigger family then you will want to stay in a hotel. Also if you spend on staying in your room for more than just sleeping, a hotel would be better for you. Big families aren't as good for bed & breakfasts for the reasons noted above.