Mob1le Main Picture

The Future Is Mob1le

As touch screen technology continues to innovate, become more powerful, easier to use, and cheaper to manufacture, more and more devices will be coming out standard with a touch screen interface. While many devices, like cell phones, continue to embrace the touch screen revolution, laptops have remained fairly stagnant as a whole in the field of technology. Mob1le seeks to change stagnation and bring the laptops to revolutionary new era.

Featuring a powerful processor, video card, 4 GB of RAM, completely multi-touch compatible screen measuring in at 12.1", weighing in at a mere 3.5 lbs, and barely thicker than one standard 2-subject paper notebook, Mob1le is small, compact, and powerful.

What makes Mob1le so revolutionary?

Besides featuring a multi-touch screen, Mob1le features state-of-the-art voice recognition technology that allows its user to interact the laptop with just their voice. Forgoing a built-in tactile keyboard and mouse touch pad that took up so much room on other laptops, users of Mob1le only need to use touch the screen and use their voice.

Mob1le - On screen keyboard

The ways you can interact with Mob1le
  • The touch screen. Featuring all the flicking, two-finger image resizing, and quick and accurate on-screen interactivity, the touch screen technology is revolutionary just on its own.

  • Your voice. Have you ever had to take notes for a lecture or business meeting? Well instead of using a separate digital recorder or having to having to frantically write everything down on paper or on screen, why not have your laptop take your notes for you? Well with Mob1le's top-of-the-line voice recognition software, Mob1le can take your notes for you. And of course, when you have to write that big letter or essay, why type it when you can just dictate it to your laptop?

  • Built-in on-screen keyboard as well as support for external keyboard and mouse. If you're playing games or using other software not optimized for the comforts of a touch screen, you can plug in any existing keyboard or mouse utilizing the 4 USB ports Mob1le has.
Mob1le on the go

While on the go, Mob1le is your mobile solution for your entertainment and work needs. Without all the needed peripherals to effectively use your normal laptop, all you need to use Mob1le is your voice (or on-screen keyboard) and fingers. If you are in a location where your voice can be drowned out by noise, you can use an external mic (a bluetooth headset for example) to speak to your Mob1le for more effective and quieter communication and navigation.

When using Mob1le on the go, you can easy hold it with one hand and navigate with the other hand or use any surface (including your lap if you're sitting down).

Mob1le at home

With the optional at-home dock that charges your laptop as well as provides of hub for USB devices like your printer, keyboard, and mouse, you can easily put your Mob1le on your desk to be your desktop computer. With some simply killer performance specs, your Mob1le computer can do the latest 3d games and applications with no hiccups.

Where and when can I get a Mob1le?

As far as I know, the Mob1le laptop is completely made up by me and is just speculation of where I believe the future of laptops will take us. While there's nothing on the horizon that I can see that will feature everything Mob1le has, I could definitely see laptops within the next 3 years with this type of technology and performance. And so, as far as I'm concerned, mobile technology will only become smaller, faster, cheaper, and more efficient than ever before.