Searching for the ideal apartment requires mixing and matching literally hundreds of possible options and amenities. One such important decision that you must make, is to live either on a ground-level apartment, or on one of the building's upper levels. In this article I will help you examine both options, and help you choose which is better suited for your lifestyle.

Ground-Level Apartments


  • Ground-level apartments are easily accessed by anybody, regardless of disabilities.
  • Ground-level apartments are located closer to parking spots, allowing for easier transportation of groceries, easier moving of furniture in or out, and more frequent car usage.
  • Ground-level apartments typically have a larger patio space, and a few feet of surrounding land; ideal for a gardener that does not wish to sacrifice their hobby by a change of living space.
  • Ground-level apartments provide easier access to mail and garbage disposal; keep in mind that you will be using each of these amenities on a daily basis.
  • Ground-level apartments are easy to located for having guests over. For this reason, they are suited for social singles or families with children.

  • They are harder to find, since there is only one ground level to every building.
  • The hallways may have high foot traffic if it is located near exits or lobby.
  • The easy access applies to all visitors, welcome or not; burglary is at a higher risk.

Upper-Level Apartments


  • Being higher off the ground puts your possessions in a higher level of safety; burglary is put at a significantly lower risk.
  • Upper-level apartments usually provide spectacular cityscape views. In fact, any birds-eye view, whether urban, suburban, rural, or complete wilderness, will be on the plus side for choosing an apartment of this type.
  • The upper levels of a low-rise and mid-rise apartment complex are located near amenities such as laundry and work-out facilities. This will vary depending on your location.
  • In complexes that include parking garages, upper level apartments are also associated with upper-level parking spots. These alone are useful to have, as the top level of a parking garage will be the least congested at peak driving hours.

  • It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to transport furniture into and out of the apartment while moving.
  • It is inconvenient to go on large grocery shopping trips, as it'll take several trips to unload your truck, and it will take several minutes per trip (even with the help of an elevator).
  • Apartment complexes that are run by irresponsible landlords will have outdated elevator inspections, sometimes by a matter of years. This is a great safety concern for tenants living on upper-level apartments.
  • Unless you enjoy giving lengthy directions to guests, it will be hard to invite many people over since there is nothing to distinguish your apartment from the rest; ground-level apartments are much better for those expecting to have visitors over frequently.
  • In the event of power outages, it is dangerous to use both the elevator and stairs (though emergency lighting is required). Elderly persons will not be safe in such situations.