Your guide to both clubbing in Newquay and surfing in Newquay, a bustling little fishing town in Cornwall, South West England. Clubbing and surfing in Newquay has become a lot more popular than fishing these days and the during the peak summer months the town becomes a haven for surfers and party goers alike.

The beautiful coastline of Newquay offers great beaches perfect for surfing and all within a very short walking distance. If you are new to surfing it is the perfect place to start, with an abundance of surf schools, places to hire surfboards or places to buy surfboards you will be spoilt for choice. If you are new to the sport of surfing you should first check out this article on how to surf, you will find this very beneficial.


Surfing In Newquay

Fistral Beach Newquay

If you are already experienced at surfing then you have come to the right place, the main surfing beach in Newquay is Fistral beach, this is a swell magnet and can produce great quality waves. The north end of Fistral is the most consistent for surf and offers great right handers breaking towards the middle of the beach.

The middle of the beach is usually slightly smaller but offers great rights and lefts and the south end can produce long peeling lefts and this where you'll find people surfing when the north end of Fistral is too big and out of control.

The town beaches are also very popular for surfing in Newquay, more so to beginners or less experienced surfers due to the more forgiving nature of the surf there, this can also be a great option for surfing when Fistral is too big or windy. The waves are smaller than those of Fistral and the harbor wall provides shelter from the winds. There are three Newquay town beaches, these are Great Western, Towan and Tolcarne, at low tide they are all one long beach but as the tide pushes in they become separated and divided into three separate beaches.

If you like variety, a very short journey will take you to plenty more surfing beaches in and around Newquay such as Crantock, Watergate, Mawgan Porth and Perranporth. I will go into these as well as the beaches I've already mentioned in a later article which will explain all the surfing spots around Newquay in detail including best times to surf, best stages of tide, swell direction and wind direction as well as any hazards or dangers.


Clubbing In Newquay

Clubbing and surfing in Newquay go hand in hand for some, what could be better than spending all day tearing up the waves then all night dancing, clubbing, partying with friends and meeting girls or boys. When it comes to the nightlife in Newquay you'll be even more spoilt for choice than with the beaches. For such a small town it has an abnormal amount of bars, pubs and nightclubs.

Newquay Nightlife

From big commercial nightclubs to small niche bars, live band venues to strip clubs you'll find it all within a 10 minute walk and it all generally goes on till after 4 am and every night of the week in the peak summer months, and often starts quite early in the day. Although you won't be clubbing at lunch time you will find all the beer gardens full of holiday makers and revelers alike having a good time and warming up for a night of festivities amongst the Newquay nightlife.


If you are visiting in Newquay during August you may get to experience the Boardmasters. A five day festival that combines a world tour (WQS) surfing competition, a big music festival, a skateboarding and BMX competition, bikini contests, nights of partying and clubbing as well as many other similar events.

Newquay isn't like this all year round and the winter months are the extreme opposite. Much preferred by many, the surfing is much better and the town gets its unique atmosphere back, so beware, if you are visiting Newquay that time of year in the hope of some clubbing and debauchery, you may find yourself stood at the bar on your own.