What can you do when love and relationships don't seem to go hand in hand in your relationship anymore? Well, you basically have two choices: you can call it a day, give up and move on; or, you and your partner can decide that you are going to work on your relationship and save it.

If you are going for option two, good for you. No matter how far out of whack things are, they can still be saved if two people really want it badly enough and are willing to work at it as a team.

Now, of course, one very important thing to be aware of, and guard against, is the common problem of one person doing most of the emotional heavy lifting in the relationship. 

It's pretty common to have one person who just seems to care more and is willing to do more of the work. Even if one person does more work, it won't be a problem as long as things are still pretty much evenly divided.

But that is rarely the case, few people have the emotional maturity to stand up and do their part if the other person isn't more or less "demanding" that they do their part. The default is usually to take things as easily as possible.

So it becomes a problem when one person is doing virtually all the work and the other person isn't really even trying. This can lead to big troubles down the road.

For one thing, that type of love and relationships simply isn't a healthy relationship. A good relationship will be a partnership where the two people work together to make things work. Now that doesn't mean that if one takes out the garbage one week the other has to the following week.

In most relationships people will have their strengths and weaknesses. All "equality" means in this sense is that each partner does as much as they reasonably can to make the relationship a partnership.

When one person just sits back and allows the other to do all the work it's not only a unhealthy situation but it probably won't last because the one who is doing all the work will eventually get angry and frustrated and then things will fall apart.

Love and relationships sometimes need work. The longer problems have been allowed to go unchecked the more work it will probably take. But you, your partner and your relationship are worth the time and effort.