Improve Your Aim

Follow these simple tips and trix. I promise, if you carry out these tips and trix you will improve your shooting. However, have in mind, like most things you do always need to practice. Practice hard and use these tips and you will see, more and more shots will be hitting the bullseye. This is a practice guide for shooting handguns such as a 9mm, or the smaller 22-cal. You can also use this for shooting revolver and airgun. 


This is more important than you might think, your brain need the oxygen to stay focused. What you do; Breath normally until it's time to lift up the gun, then right before you lift, breath in and fill your lungs to the max, raise the gun and breath out just a little and hold your breathing until you have fired. This will make sure you have a good amount of oxygen in your blood. Your brain will manage the task better.

Keep Both Eyes Open

For some this sound strange. But, actually this is great. You will aim better by using Both your eyes. You might need a lot of practice to get used to this. If you are just about to start shooting pistols, then it will be easier to get used to it. A tip on how to practice this at home; when you sit in your sofa, watching tv, raise your hand and hold up your thumb. Watch your thumb, look at it with both eyes. Your thumb should look clear while your tv is a bit blurred. Then you are doing it right. Just like on the shooting range, your pistol sight shall be clear, while your target in the background is a bit blurred. 

Avoid caffeine and Tobacco

Yes, if you are really serious about your shooting. On a day you're gonna shoot, avoid drinking coffee and other caffeine drinks, these will make you more shaky. Tobacco won't improve you either. These things aren't vital, but, still better to avoid.

Drink Water

Your body won't function as it usually does when you get dehydrated, pretty simple and logical.

How Long Can You Keep Focus?

 A normally trained person can hold the pistol and aim for max 8-12 seconds, after that you will shake, loose focus, you won't shoot well. Best is if you raise your gun, aim and within 3-6 seconds you should fire.

Squeeze the Trigger

This is important. Always squeeze the trigger carefully. If you just press it hard you will not keep the gun straight and you will not hit what you are supposed to. A good squeeze is when you almost feel surprised when the gun fires. A too hard and fast squeeze might hit a 6 or 7 pointer instead of the bullseye, so stay calm, it's no stress.

How to Stand

This might sound ridiculous, but, these factors does matter. A good thing is to wear jeans, so you can put your other hand in your pocket, or grab your belt, if you are shooting with one hand. This will make you stand more balanced, have in mind how small your target is, how long away you stand, the small things can matter a lot. 

Practice Cheap!

You need a LOT of practice to become a good shooter. Bullets ain't cheap, but there is a way to practice cheaper. Use an air gun to practice aiming, it's practically the same. The bullets for an airgun is much cheaper and therefor you can shoot more. So grab the airgun and practice all these tips and you will improve your aim, and it won't empty your wallet!


Thanks for reading! I hope you will find these tips and trix useful and improve your score at the firing range! If you have any question, just write it in the comment section!