Have you ever had a certain feeling about something? Maybe you met someone and you got that certain feeling that he was a certain way. Or maybe you had a feeling that you would have to stay away from him. Then sometime later, maybe a day or two, it turned out that you were right.

This is one of the cases where your intuition is at work. Intuition is often referred to by different names like the sixth sense, ESP, a chill, a vibe, the leading of the Holy Spirit. Whatever we call it, it is this divine sense we get that guides us at certain points in our life.

Society teaches us that we should for the most part ignore that part of us. It is a good teaching to an extent. We don't want to offend anyone by the use of our abilities. There are also cases where we might make someone uncomfortable by the use of our ability. Sometimes telling someone everything you know about him or her when he or she has not disclosed it can be a risky factor.

Yet, a lot of times when people ignore their ability, they find themselves in predicaments and even dangerous situations that they could've avoided had they paid attention to their intuition. Also, a lot of people miss out on opportunities due to the suppressing of their ability.

The brain processes tons of information at a time, even the information that you don't focus on. When you meet a person, your brain process everything from facial expressions to very subtle mannerism and ticks. While we only notice so much about the person consciously, the brain processes the rest of the information in the subconscious. This would often result in a person getting an intuitive thought. Intuitive thought's are almost never wrong.

Some people show more intuitive abilities than others. They just have it more developed than others. Some have it developed to the point where they can read thoughts. We all live in a pool of energy and thought's are energy waves from the brain. There are ways to develop your intuition. One way to do it is to find a quiet spot where you can't be bothered. Sit down and absorb the whole moment, every bit of the environment from the temperature to every sound. The more you practice it, the more your intuition develops. The key to intuition is being in touch with the present moment.