Scribbling Dialogue

Learning How To Scribble By Listening

The first thing that you must do is start a journal. A notebook with spirals will do. But you must make sure that it is small enough to carry around in your pocket or jacket. It needs to be easily accessible when you get in and out of your car or vehicle.

Take the journal to meetings, coffee shops, malls, movie theatres, subways, and fairs. Whatever conversations you hear, scribble it down. Try to find odd phrases or good fragments hear and there.

How can we carry out this? The first thing you have to do is to be comfortable with listening to other peoples conversations, or eavesdropping. And listening all the time is a requirement. Anywhere you are could be a possible gold mine of unique conversation.

Sports events are a great place to find interested conversation. Phrases like "Suck it up" and "Shake it out!" or "Its Dog Time" if you're a football lover.

How To Capture The Dialogue

The important part of any trip or time you spend out of the house, is to have your journal with you. Scribbling the conversation goes something like this.

  1. Your Journal - Make sure you have your journal ready . Having a pen or pencil that is small enough to fit in your pocket can make everything a lot easier. 
  2. Listening - It is very important to listen to conversation before you can capture it. Listen to the words but also listen to the inflections in the voices. Write down their tones and what you think their words meant. Scribble down the setting and the people who are involved in the conversation. Scribble down the circumstances that you think brought these people together. Listening can help you get these words.
  3. Scribbling - Scribbling is a necessity to capture conversations quick and easy. In passing, it can be difficult to sit down and write out a full-fledged conversation. So, scribbling down the information is the best way to get it fast.
  4. Crowding - Getting close to people and getting people close to you is a key to listening and capturing conversations. There are places you can go to carry out this. Subways, coffee shops, fairs, etc. Find places that you can be close to people without raising some weirdo vibe.

Scribbling down conversations and words is the way you can capture the dialogue that you are interested in getting. Using your journal and writing tool to write down quickly real, live words that will bring your characters alive is accomplished by scribbling quickly.

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