Men are predictable creatures and it shouldn't be rocket science to figure out what you have to do in order to make your man happy. That being said, men have feelings too (it sounds strange but that is the truth) but they express their feelings differently. Are you looking for a "how to" book on how to make him happy? There is none! Anyone who claims to have a comprehensive guide will only be misleading his readers. That being said, there are guidelines you could follow that might help you achieve your goal and promote marital bliss. Are men really shallow? Are men Lazy? Are men sometimes useless? You could respond affirmatively to these questions but that will be stating the obvious. What you should be interested in is, how you can play your part to make your husband happy.

Food: Glorious Food is a requisite to having a happy husband. Men just love their food. You will have to blame their mothers for feeding them so much. Most married women would admit that they eat more since their wedding day. You cook for him and you share the joys of eating. Apparently food taste better when shared with others. During the first few months of marriage, you will have to deal with him comparing your cooking to her mothers. Make sure he understands that you are not his mother. Men generally don't crave variety when it comes to food. When they get their fill, you know you have a happy man. It is strange but some men will eat the same food for years and wouldn't flinch or complain. You don't have to worry that he might get bored of eating the same thing. If you cook what he likes he will be happy.

Sport: Another word for sport should be testosterone. What is it with men and sports? Most men just love sports. Others like sports but generally most of them are just crazy about it. Think about 22 grown up men chasing a ball around a field and about 40 thousand more cheering them on. Does it make sense? No! You shouldn't bitterly complain about his interest in sports. It must be genetic. If you want to make him happy, get involved and try to understand the game. Ask him about the rules and why he loves the game. The interest you show will go a long way to keep him content. Try not to disturb him during the game. You will be talking to a brick wall. No matter how much he loves you, there is nothing you can do when is naturally sport inclinations kicks in. You will have to play the patient wife for a few hours until his adrenaline levels returns to normal. If his team wins he will be happy and he will even be happier with you for letting him enjoy the game. What if you're husband is not really into sports? If he is not into sport, he will have something that will make is adrenaline rise. It might not be sport in the general sense of the word but the effect will be the same. You will still have to adjust in order to make your husband happy. The best thing is just to go along with the show. Try to find something you enjoy. You need an open mind if you want to be successful. The more you search for what pleases you in his addiction, the better you will fair and the happier you will make him.

Sex: There is a rumor out there that men are obsessed with sex. It is not a rumor, it is a fact. If you are going to get involved with any man and you can't deal with sex, you will be better off staying single. Being single has its advantages as well but we are not here to discuss that. How can you make your husband happy? The sooner you get the idea engraved in your mind that the rumor is real, the quicker and easier it will be for you to make your husband happy. You need to initiate sex if you want to keep your husband happy. Don't always wait for him to ask. He might get tired of asking and that is not always a good thing. If you prefer that he takes the first steps, he might also be thinking the same thing and you end up waiting for each other. Avoid the tendency to complain about being tired. The mistake most women make is that sex is optional. Well, it is not! It is like food, it is a necessity. What if you are always tired? That is a fallacy because no one is always tired. You will need to reschedule your daily duties so that you will not be tired when it comes to intimacy. That is part of what marriage and having a husband is about. What if you are not interested in sex? It doesn't really matter if you don't feel like making love. You are not alone in the marriage and if you want to make your husband happy that is the price you have to pay. If you look at it from another point of view, how many times have you cooked for your husband even though you were not hungry? It wouldn't occur to you to say to your husband that you didn't cook for him just because you were not hungry. To a certain degree, sexual intimacy or sex with your husband doesn't always have to do with your desire. You might just have to fake it. If that makes him happy and gives you peace of mind, then you know what to do. What if you are tired because he doesn't help out with the children of the chores? That is still no excuse. It might actually be your fault for not training your husband to be more useful around the house. If you train him well, there is no reason for you to be constantly tired. If you share the love, you can also share the chores. Most men would actually chip in on the house work and help with the children if they know there is a reward afterwards. You need to make it clear and you will make your husband very happy.