How to make your wife happy!? Is that a question or an affirmation? If you have been with your wife for a while, that is to say you have been together for a few years. You will be forgiven to think that it is impossible to make your wife happy. Well, it is impossible. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try. You will need to be very innovative. You need to approach this situation like a business. Most successful businesses are the ones that keep innovating and keep up with changes in the world. You cannot rely on one technique to carry you through the years. If what you did some years back worked, it doesn't mean it is still relevant. To make your wife happy, you need a strategy. You need short term and long term plans. You need to be versatile in the way you deal with every situation. The more you diversify your portfolio the better your chances of making her happy. As mentioned previously, it is impossible but there is nothing stopping you from trying.

love two (17410)Love: women love to hear the words "I love you". You can never say it enough. In fact the more you say "I love you", the more she wants you to say it. With the passing of time, you will even have to mean what you say. It doesn't imply that you didn't mean it previously but you will need to put more effort into what you say with the passing of the years. You might have to learn a bit of French or Spanish just to diversify. Baby "je t'aime" or Chica " te quiero mucho" You cannot go wrong with that. She might not understand Spanish or French but when it comes to love your women will get the picture. If you really want to sound even more exotic, why not learn a few words in Swahili or Korean. By the way, the Korean language is quite beautiful to listen to. If your wife is not into all those exotic ideas just stick with the old classic "I love you baby". You can even invent your own language just to woe your wife. If you are a fan of the film Avatar by James Cameron, you know the maker invented a language to go along with the story line. Why was this effective? Because it is not something you see in every movie. Remember the passion of the Christ? It was cruel and the Aramaic language just added that "je ne sais quoi" to the plot. With these in mind, you have to be creative and let your wife know how much effort you put into inventing a language just to say "I love you'

Flowers: They are a waste of money because you have to keep buying them. However, that is the price to pay to keep your woman happy. You could buy a plant or a tree. It will be cheaper but you might end up with an unhappy woman. How many men would like to live under the same roof with an unhappy spouse? Love is good for business and that is why people sell flowers. You could also start a flower business just because you want to get the flowers cheaper but the effect would not be the same. Flowers say what word often cannot convey. It is as if you are saying to your girl, "Baby I spent the whole day thinking about you". That is all she needs to know. You might even get lucky.

Cook: You don't have to be a great cook but the little you know can go a long way to contribute to the happiness of your spouse. Cooking only once a weeks is enough to show you care. If all you can do is fish and chips or fried chicken with rice or pasta, that is better than nothing. As they say, it is the thought that counts. The more you practice, the better you will become and the happier your wife will be. If you lack ideas and you want to diversify, you can get a lot of easy ideas from the internet. You could even get your hands on one of Jamie Oliver's book.

Praise: Women love to hear men praise them for anything. You don't even need a reason to praise your wife. You could just say, thank you and that will be enough. Women hate to be taken for granted. Be observant and you will find a lot for which to praise her. Has she prepared your favorite meal, it is not just enough to eat the food and go sit in front of the television. You need to show you appreciate her effort and tell her so. If she has just had her hair fixed, you need to comment on how good she looks. At times you might not like the new look, but still say something positive. If she is happy, then you are happy as well. If you think she has got a "big behind", you can tell her so. Only do that if it is considered a compliment where you live. Tell her how lucky you feel to be with someone like her.

Girly Films: If you wife is into romantic films, you could rent a video and just sit closely together and enjoy the evening. You might not like the film but you sure will enjoy the cuddle. If you have to watch a film like the titanic or another sad romantic film, make sure you have tissue at your disposal, you might surprise yourself shedding a few tears in the heat of the moment. You need to show your softer side and just enjoy the bonding.

Sex: Don't be obsessed with sex. That is easier said than done. Women love massages and cuddles that don't always lead to intercourse. What is the point you may ask? It might feel like preparing a lovely meal and sitting at the table staring at it. You might feel food is cooked to be consumed. It doesn't matter if you feel that way. You need to remember you want to make your wife happy. You will need to think about something else from time to time. Think about the great walls of china for a change.