So now you have finished building your Koi pond and you want to get to the fun part. You want to make it into a beautiful water garden. Picking the right flowers and plants will turn your Koi pond into a beautiful water garden oasis.

 Something that you should remember when you pick your plants. Not only will they give a pleasant look to your water garden they will provide biological life to the pond. The right biological life will help maintain your pool by doing what they do in nature.

 Be sure to pay particular attention to the climate in your area. Some plants will not survive in certain climates so it is wise to do all the research you can before buying plants. Talk to your local dealer and get some ideas. You will then know about the plants you can and cannot have in your pond.

 Lotus Plants

 Simply because you have Koi fish in your pond you may want to extend the theme to lotus plants in your pond. Almost everyone who has a water garden pond will have a lotus plant because you cannot match the beauty of this plant with other flowers.

 Lotus plants have beautiful blooms and a smell that is unmatched. One problem is that if your current location does not sustain temperatures above 65 degrees you will have to take the plants indoors during the colder times. You could set up a greenhouse specifically for your water plants and this could be the best idea.

 Lotus plants do require soil and lots of sunlight. They should be planted in water two or three feet deep during the warmer months and kept inside during the colder months.

 Water Hyacinths

 Water hyacinths can be used when you simply do not have the time to plant and maintain your Koi water garden pond's foliage. This type of plant has become very popular because of its simplicity. They do not require any type of soil or planting. You just simply throw them into the water. You will only need minimal time to anchor them so they will not float all over the pond freely.

 Water hyacinths are not only pretty plants they are also very functional. They will help aid in the fight against both algae and blanket weeds.

 Although there is one downside to having Water hyacinths. They will take over your pond if you allow it. These plants are very invasive and will spread all over your Koi pond if you do not keep them controlled. They have been known to jump fences and continue taking over other areas. Once they have done this it is extremely hard to get rid of them.

 Hidden but functional plants

 You may want to consider investing in plants that are under water and not necessarily seen. These plants live below the water line and provide many needed functions your Koi pond needs. Some will help you battle the algae problem, some will put oxygen back into the water and some will feed your fish for you.


You can find all these plants at your Koi fish dealer or your local plant store. They do come in bundles. These are really an easy going plant system. You will not have to worry about them in the winter or colder months; just throw them in the water and forget about them. You will gain many benefits from having them in your Koi pond even though you won't be able to see them.