Importance of the Mother and Baby Bond

Many Moms want to take advantage of the weather this time of the year to get into shape. Following, I have shared a few strategies to help do this, and keep your little "energizer bunny" with you!

First, the key to getting into shape is staying busy, busy, busy...physically. The secret to this is: the busier you are, the less time you have to think about eating. Of course, you must make sure to eat a balanced breakfast, light lunch, and light dinner, but if you do this, the pounds will melt away before you even get a chance to think about FOOD!

Keeps Going, Going, Going

your Little Energizer Bunny

What Does Your Local Neighborhood Have to Offer?

For the first idea, I will suggest finding and joining a neighborhood (or the surrounding area) playgroup. These playgroups usually meet at a nearby park or playground, and this gives the Moms a little time for friendship and support. (You are probably not the only one who wants to lose a few pounds.)

If you are brave, you might pack the little "energizers" into a stroller, and take off with another Mom after the play session, and go for that long, relaxing walk. The kids will love it, and you will have a chance to talk to someone other than your little "energizer."

Secondly, you might want to enroll in an infant massage class, or if your little bunny is older, a child's swimming, play class. The classes are usually advertised at the Parks and Recreation building for your area.

This is a great way to meet some other Moms, and gives you an incentive (especially the swimming part) to get into that bathing suit. After all, we can't teach our kids about swimming and fitness, if we won't take a part in it.

Bonding on a Higher Level

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Programs and Classes Are Always Beneficial

Thirdly, join a Mommy and Baby exercise class. This way, you are getting into shape while paying a lot of attention to your little one. Again, you are meeting other Moms who can support you in your endeavors. They, in turn, are getting support from you for theirs. (Most of us only need support to get into shape.) And, your baby "bunnies" are loving every minute of it!

Other activities might be to go to a story hour for the little one at the public library. (if you live close get the stroller out and walk.) Join or start a boogie woogie, booty shakin' toddler rhythm or music class, and get up there and shake that "thang." Your little "energizer" will love that you are playing too!

You've probably heard about the "Supermoms," and how they are usually distracted, disorganized, and impatient. Well, any type of physical activity corrects these situations because consistency helps with the disorganization.

Fun and Healthy Bonding Exercises

Every Moment with Your Baby Counts

Including your little "energizer bunny" helps with the impatience. (because you are taking part in "their" activities). And, last but not least, the distraction is taken care of when you try to follow the activity or class participation.

So, you see, all this activity not only helps to correct some of the downfalls we may all feel as Mothers, it gives our little "energizers" the attention and physical activity they need.

By the way, did I mention you will sleep better at night and have more energy? Just something to think about!

See you in two weeks!

Remember those batteries just keep going and going! You will be better able to handle the "energy"!