Travelling to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island

NS, NB, PEI Home Away from Home

The Majestic Maritime Provinces              

With the recent fluctuations in our economy, one can completely understand the hesitancy that some people face when planning their upcoming summer vacations.  Yet, there are so many destinations that are beautiful, entertaining and could easily satisfy the longing for travel nearer to home than one might think.  This article will be focussing on the Maritime Provinces, which is a cumulative term regarding the following three Canadian provinces: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.  When looking at destinations that are a little closer to home, and more economically friendly, one would be amiss to overlook the Maritime Provinces.                        

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Nova Scotia

HalifaxHalifaxCredit: Intelegia

Canadian Museum of Immigration

Nova Scotia’s capital, Halifax is bursting with sites and events that are sure to entice any newcomer.  One of the most famous spots to visit would be the Canadian Museum of Immigration located at Pier 21 (which is a destination worth visiting in itself).  Over the course of forty-three years, ranging from 1928 – 1971, over 1.5 million people passed through this famous building[3511].  Immigrants, war brides, displaced people, evacuee children, and Canadian military personnel are amongst those who treaded these paths and helped to build the nation. 


Theodore Tugboat BridgeCredit: Quill & QuireWhen one hears of Theodore the Tugboat, it probably evokes an image of a cute TV show that you, your children or your grandchildren watched as a child. However, in Halifax, Theodore the Tugboat is the host to one of the most popular tours.  Theodore navigates the Halifax Harbour waters, taking people around the city harbour to take in the sites.  While the nostalgia for the children will indubitably be being on the tugboat itself, passengers of all ages can certainly marvel at the sites presented on the tour.



Parrsboro is a small town, located right off the Bay of Fundy.  This modest town is a fantastic spot to witness the spectacular tides, and marvel at the drastic changes between low and high tides.  If museums, dinosaurs, rock and minerals are amongst your interests, you will be delighted to find Fundy Geological MuseumCredit: Fundy Geological Museumthis small town boasting of them.  The Fundy Geological Museum houses many different discoveries that have been unearthed, and which provide information on the history of this region's landscape.  Also located in Parrsboro is the Ottawa House which was built in 1775, and is riddled with famous heritage regarding such people as Henry Sinclair, Samuel de Champlain and Sir Charles Tupper[3514].

 If passing through Parrsboro however, one would be missing out if the Ships Company Theatre was not one of the stops. This is a very unique theatre, with quite the history all of its own, being made from the MV Kipawo ferry which was permanently beached at Parrsboro, and has now become a legendary performance centre to live theatrical talents.


New Brunswick

Saint John

 Saint John has a must see attraction.  The Reversing Falls has several options to include all types of people.  The Reversing Falls have packages ranging from sightseeing boat tours, bike rentals and the infamous “wet ride” for the thrill seekers to enjoy.  It is difficult not to leave completely exhilarated over the power of nature after having headed directly into breakers, thrusting you over the waves.



Moncton has so many events and attractions that a quick blurb really does not sufficiently give the Magic Mountain in Moncton, NBCredit: GNB - Images of New brunswickproper picture.  On those gorgeous summer days, one could cool off at Magic Mountain, the newest and most thrilling park in Canada.  This park truly has something for everyone, with calm cool rides like The Lazy River, more moderate rides such as the Wave Pool and various water slides, or for those true dare devils a trip down the 40 mile/hour Kamikaze slide[3510].  Directly across from Magic Mountain is the home of several animal species from all over the world.  The Magnetic Hill Zoo has great exhibits, displaying animals from as far away as Madagascar, Asia, China, and Africa.  While at the zoo, one can look forward to petting several of the animals.  Magnetic Hill is also tHopewell RocksCredit: Canadian Road Storieshe hosting grounds for multiple outdoor concerts of epic performers, such as The Rolling Stones, ACDC, Bon Jovi, U2, and so many more.  Near Moncton lie the grounds of the famous “Flower Pots” at Hopewell Rocks, typically pictured in tourist brochures and magazines[3508].  Here you will see the result of decades of erosion from the ever present crashing of the waves, forming intricate, towering structures of compressed earth.  It is truly a sight to see.


Prince Edward Island

The journey to Prince Edward Island is a source of excitement in itself.  Two main ways of entry exist, ferries or over the astounding Confederation Bridge, in operation since 1997.  This epic bridge is 12.9 kilometres (8 miles) long and cost about 1.3 billion dollars to construct[3509] The Confederation BridgeCredit: myfathershouse


The capital of PEI is Charlottetown, where one will sense a certain ambiance as they travel the city in a horse drawn carriage, taking in the sites.  A spectacular sound and lights displays the nation’s story for all to see in a free showing at dusk.



No doubt everyone has heard of Anne of Green Gables, well in Prince Edward Island one can visit Green Gables first hand.  This site was the true inspiration for the renowned story and feels as if one has stepped out of the present and into the pages of the adored novel.  Anne’s house, wagon rides, period costumes and heritage sites all add to the wistfulness of this special place, and can keep the avid tourist happily busy for a great deal of time. 

Apart from the tourist attractions, PEI has some of the most gorgeous beaches in the Maritimes. White and Red Sand Beaches on PEICredit: tourismpei The naturally brilliant red hues in the earth create beautiful scenery around the thirty beaches on this small island.  Out in the depths of the ocean, one will find their next awaiting adventures.  PEI possesses delectably fresh seafood.  Boat captains on the island eagerly await those wishing to take part in the vast fishing experiences offered in the waters encompassing PEI[3509].  Although smaller fish are common to catch, it is the excitement of deep sea fishing and shark fishing that really draws the crowds.


So this season when looking at summer travel plans, don’t forget about the closer destinations that are at an arm’s reach.  So, go ahead, make plans to see why Maritime people are renowned for their gracious hospitality this summer.