Have you ever wondered why you see YOUR NAME in capital letters on instruments of commerce. Whether it is tax bills, bank statements, or other official documents Your Name always appears in all capitals. Anyone with a basic understanding of the English language realizes that proper names are spelled with the first letter capitalized only.

Do you know what kind of entities spell their names in all capital letters? Corporations are always spelled with capitalization. When you see your name spelled in such a way, that document is not referring to you. It is referring to a fictitious corporate entity created upon receipt of your Certificate of Live Birth.

The real live breathing you is a completely different entity then this Strawman. The Strawman is created to allow you to deal in commerce within the United States. You are only responsible for your Strawman upon your consent. You can clearly see that your drivers license spells your name in capital letters. You can also notice that the human being that is you endorsed the license, thereby accepting responsibility for the fictitious you.

The living , breathing human being that is you is a totally different entity then the artificial person that is created by the Government to engage in commerce. The most intriguing part of this duality of your identity is that the corporate Strawman can be entered into contracts without need of an endorsement. The real live you must endorse a contract with your signature in order to make a legal contract.

The strawman is taxed on income even though in reality you never endorsed a contract with the UNITED STATES Government. A real living human , cannot be held responsible for contracts that are not endorsed with a signature..

There is another duality I would like to mention in this article and that is the State in which you live. There is the real State with hills and valleys, the one in which people live and work. Then there is the fictitious state created by the Government, the one that charges taxes, and requires you to ask permission (permits or licenses) in order to engage in activities that are already legal.

In a society where everyone holds an equal status, and also determining that a State Government is made up of the human beings that are employed by the State. Why do we need another human beings permission to engage in legal activities.

I hope that people will educate themselves and realize that it is your Strawman that is the collateral for the nations debt. The ability of the Government to tax you in the future is the backing not only of our currency, but also of every dime owed to foreign entities by the United States of America.