Don’t you love it when you buy two things for the price of one? I always love a good deal so how awesome would it be if you could hire a nanny who would be able to also be a tutor for your kids. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Nannies are usually responsible for a bit more than a regular babysitter so many times you can get them to assist in things such as homework help. We all know that getting your kids to sit down and do their homework can be a bit of a struggle but if the nanny can get the children into a sort of routine then homework shouldn’t be that big of an issue.

More Tutors

If you know your child is having some trouble in school it is important that they get some help. This help may be able to come from the nanny if he or she is willing to provide some tutoring. Don’t just assume that a nanny is going to be willing to tutor your child. Always talk to your nanny before you assign them any new tasks or jobs. If you want your nanny to provide some quality learning time with your child then it is important that you ask them first and not just assume that it is ok.

Some nannies aren’t going to be comfortable with the thought of tutoring your kids so don’t get mad if they tell you exactly that. If you didn’t specify this in their job description prior to hiring them then you have no reason to hold it against them. The reason they probably don’t want to do it is because they don’t feel comfortable with the material or situation so it would probably be in your child’s best interest if an outside tutor was hired.

Reading Outside

As far as going about finding a nanny who would be a good tutor for your children as well, you can start by looking at colleges. Looking at college bulletin boards can help you find ads for potential nannies/tutors; you can also hang up signs on these boards that may spark some interest in college students. College students are great if you want a nanny who can also tutor as they are generally pretty familiar with the material your child will be learning and they are also a bit more responsible then high school kids.

Another great place to find a nanny/tutor is to scour the web. There are many websites out there that offer nanny and tutoring services. One such site, College Nannies and Tutors, goes to the trouble of making sure their nannies and tutors are qualified, which in turn saves you a lot of time and hassle. Sites such as College Nannies and Tutors can be a real life saver if you are having trouble finding someone who fits you and your family’s needs. If these websites don’t offer coverage in your area there are also a few other ways to find someone who will fit in with your family. Try taking an ad out in the paper for a nanny and tutor or talk to family and friends and see what they have for suggestions. There are options out there for you when it comes to finding a nanny and a tutor, sometimes it just takes a little time before you find a good candidate.

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A nanny who can also tutor your kids is someone special. They are not only helping you and your family out greatly but they are also helping save you money. Since you only have to pay one price for both the nanny and the tutor it is going to save you a lot more money than if you had to pay for both an individual nanny and an individual tutor.  I am all about a big deal and I think that if you find someone who can play both nanny and tutoring roles then you should definitely hire them!