Don't Let You get Yourself Down

"Today *is* the first day of the rest of  your life."  Live like it is the best day of your life.  

Tomorrow will be better than today.  How does one know that?  Just make it so.  If a person believes that they have a problem they will have a problem.  If a person fears change, when change comes he will fear it.  If a person has convinced themselves that he or she is unable to do things differently the person will do nothing differently.

Amazing as it sounds each person does make his own destiny.  Choose to get up in the morning or choose to take a left turn instead of a right.  The choices that a person makes creates a change in his life.  Each choice becomes a new potential destiny.  This can occur when a person loses a job, or when this same person chooses to eat at a different place for lunch.  Regardless of how benign the choice seems, it will become a step in the destiny of the actor.

Problems are just unsolved potential.  Look at a problem as though there is a solution.  Do not look at a problem as though it is impossible.  Any new thought, any new angle, any new direction, makes a problem look like a potential change.  When a solution does not come readily, think about it and create a solution.

Eat a Whopper at Burger King every Thursday and every Thursday the guy behind the counter at Burger King will be waiting for the Whopper guy.  Change Thursday up.  Eat at Chilli's, or Applebee's, or take a lunch to work and eat in the break room.  A change can bring an opportunity that would not have occurred under consistent circumstances.

No matter the situation, no matter the change, or the choice, it is up to every person to create his own life, his own path, his own destiny.  There is no one on Earth who has total control over any other person.  It depends on an individual to know that he or she has the power to create his or her own personal future.