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Roadrunner internet is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that is found in the US. It provides cable internet services over modems that are compatible with DOCSIS. It is a division of Time Warner Cable and it also contracts its services to other companies that offer cable services.

Name Changes

Roadrunner internet main rivals are other ISPs companies that are owned and run by telephone companies. The company was established in 1995 and it was first introduced as a market test in New York. It was developed as one of the branches of Southern Tier Online Community. It later changed its name to LineRunner after a few years of operation when it launched its independent operations. Time Warner Cable later adopted the brand and gave it its current name. RoadRunner adapted the concept of the road runner a cartoon character from Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies. This is the Mascot of

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Roadrunner internet that is also property of Warner Bros corporate parent

Tier Data

Roadrunner internet has different tier data that normally depend on the service area and level of service. Some of the maximum advertising speeds for the services include:

Wideband internet- 30Mbit/s / 5Mbit/s

Road Runner Extreme- 30Mbit/s / 5Mbit/s

Turbo plus- 20Mbit/s – This service is only available in Texas and California.

Road Runner Turbo Internet- 10 or 15Mbit/s

Road Runner standard internet- 7 0r 10Mbit/s

Basic- 1.5Mbit/s

Lite- 768kbit/s


Roadrunner lite normally competes with cheaper DSL services by offering lower bandwidth for similar costs. Specific data rates offered by Roadrunner internet normally varies but the average is 128kbit/s and 768kbit/s.

Affordable Rates for Different Caps


Despite the rising prices of internet services over the years, Roadrunner internet has managed to expand the bandwidth caps as well as the average fees into different markets. The caps range from 5-100 GB with an unlimited option. Bandwidth normally includes uploads and downloads. Users usually have to pay an extra dollar if they go over the subscribed bandwidth. The company provides meters that are used to monitor the internet usage for a person to know the caps that suit them best. Most people however prefer to use the unlimited option because they can use the internet from Roadrunner internet without any limitations.

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Customers can also take advantage of Roadrunner internet mobile to access the internet on their phones. There are several options that a person can choose from to get the one they are most comfortable with. Some of the companies that offer this type of internet include: AOL Broadband, Earthlink, Bright House Networks, Insight Communications, New York Connect and Time Warner Cable. Most clients pay $34.95 each month for the whole year. You can take advantage of various bundle services to save more money. It is also possible to upgrade from the current bundles offered by Roadrunner internet by paying 10 dollars.


Roadrunner internet is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that is found in the US. It provides cable internet services over modems that are compatible with DOCSIS. Individuals do not sign any contracts with Roadrunner internet and new users normally get a 30 day money back guarantee. There are no hassles associated with this internet service as there is no waiting or dialing up since the internet is always connected. Clients also get multiple email accounts.