Create a Unique Selling Position

It doesn't really matter what kind of product you're selling online and how you're doing it, what's important is you stand out of from your competition. A unique selling position is what helps here and you should never forget to think one up for yourself and your products. Creating a USP helps you in a few ways:

  1. It gives you the chance to be innovative
  2. It helps you be your own competition and
  3. It gives people a reason to buy from you instead of from someone else. Creating your own USP isn't really that difficult; it is easier than creating the product! You just need to focus on the positives of your product and improve the negatives.

Assist Customers in Saving Money

One of the simplest methods for developing your USP is figuring out how best to save customers money. This works in every niche (pretty much) and with just about every product. As long as you can tell your customers how your product will help them save more money than those of your competitors, you have a winning USP. Do not make the mistake of creating a cheap product, though: have some real balance.

Unique selling position

Create a guarantee

A very strong guarantee can act as the USP for your product. It's essential that you show people that you're willing to back your product and the claims you make for it. Make your belief in your product obvious and promise them that their satisfaction is guaranteed. Find out what type of guarantees your competition is offering, and make sure you offer something better. A USP of this kind is very powerful, as it helps you reassure your prospects and lets them know they can trust you.

Reach Out

After you have figured out the USP for your product and have everything sorted through, reach out to your target audience and tell them about it. Spread the message as far as you can by using your USP in everything you do from the headline on your sales letter and the tagline on your logo. You have to let your potential customers know why you're unique, and unless you do that nobody is going to come forward and buy your product.

As we've seen, identifying your product's USP is a powerful way to build your brand name and attract more prospects and customers to your business. If you're wondering what you should use as your product's USP, and aren't sure where to start, simply choose the feature that offers the largest advantage. Your USP doesn't have to stay the same over time, as you may think of ways to expand upon it later.

Unique selling

Unique selling position