Your Shape Fitness Evolved


There are many ways to play Your Shape Fitness Evolved. But before you get playing you have to get scanned by the sensor. After the scan you are asked several questions. The sensor then calculates your pinpoints on your body and cllibrates it with your video avator. You avatar is cool, because it is actually you, a purple or orange you, but you none the less. Your avatar has a space highlighted by green that you must play in. If your body part goes outside the space it starts to desinigrate. Pretty cool looking actually. The video will actually prompt you to step back or forth too.

Now for the programs. There are of course games you can play. You can play a game where you punch or kick virtual blocks. There is another game where you can hula hoop. Another game is like a version of Simon, except you step on the colors. I was getting kind of frustrated with the blocks game because at the end when I thought I did so well the narrator told me she expected better! Better? This made me mad so I did this game five more times until the narrator said I did well. Sneaky aren't they. They will make me get a workout in one way or another!

You can also do Tia Chi or a cardio knockout program. I tried the Tia Chi and it was rather easy. The pin points on you body line up so you can see how you are doing with the poses. Just follow the avatar! Did I mention there are many levels to each game you play? You have to unlock them by starting at the beginning to build up your skill level.

Next there is a personal trainer segment. Just take the cardio test they give you, answer a few questions

about your weight loss goals and a personal weight loss program is created for you. And it is not just one program. No! It is a bunch of things you can pick from no matter what your mood. If you are feeling unmotivated you might just do a tone up segment. After you complete it you might just want to the Skinny Jeans exercises? yes I did build up a sweat doing exercises with your personal trainer. Your personal trainer is an avatar that stands near you. You are to mimic his or her exercises. If you don't stay in sync.. the connection between you and your trainer will be lost. The Your Shape Fitness Evolved game keeps track of your stats.

If you hook your Kinects up to online, you can access your stats via the U play website.

This game is for one to four players! Each player takes a turn so there is no side to side action.


I despise lunges. As much as my body needs them I despise them. Part of the program that was developed for me includes lunges. There is no way to get past them unless you do them. I don't really know that this is a bad thing :)

It takes a little bit to get used to the space you are to work out in. When you go to use the controls and touch them to to get to the menu you want you have to use a steady hand or youmight have to wait until your selection rolls around again.

Your personal trainer avatar works at a steady pace. I try hard to keep up wiht her but sometimes it is hard. You lose your connection whe you do not keep in sync. Like I mentioned before, I do not know if this is a bad thing. At least there is the do again button!

Full Review

If are considering purchasing a gaming system, XBox Kinect is the way to go. The Kinect sensor allows you to control the game with just your body. The Kinect System has about 15 games out right now. The one I purchased with it was the Your Shape,Fitness Evolved game. This game has workouts featured by Men'sHelath and Women'sHelath magazines.

This is much better than a work out video. There are so many gaming options on here. You can lose weight and have fun at the same time! There are avatars to help you along the way and the narrrator give you great feedback on your preformance while you are working out.

In Closing

All in All I am very happy with my purchase of the Your shape Fitness Evolved for the XBox Kinect. There are a few more exercise video games from Kinect available. I like this one because the exercises are somthing that I can do, and have fun with. If you haven't gotten an XBox Kinect yet I urge you to do so. You might be surprised at how much more active you become playing this gaming system.