There is nothing more boring than monotonous and repetitive site content – and this is what you must avoid if you want to keep customers coming back.  Most sites lose their followers and clients due to the fact that customers no longer see anything worth their attention in the pages of the site.  To help you deal with this dilemma, here are six easy tips you can use to keep your site fresh and exciting for your clients:

Step 1: Update your layout and interface

You know that your site offers good information, but without an attractive layout, it might not capture your intended audience.  Assigning the proper tabs and links within your site would make it easier for them to see and get what they have been looking for.  Regularly changing or improving your site layout would give the impression that you are always into the latest trends in the business.

Step 2: Use different Types of media

Text-heavy sites usually bore customers, even if they happen to like reading.  This is because seeing so many words in print can become strenuous to the eyes, which makes even the most text-loving person despise excess words on a page.  To avoid this, use images, videos, and other forms of media that would liven up your site and create a variety of options to explore.  If nothing else a variety of media can give your site the visual breaks and structure visitors demand.

Step 3: Be up-to-date

Updating your customers requires you to have reliable and newsworthy content, which you can get from various sources of current events.  News about the latest trends in your market, or new related technology could be what customers would find worth reading.  However, make sure that you create articles on your own, and incorporate the things about your business as you do so.  Informing readers of your new materials, products, or services make for good content especially if you explain how it may impact the readers business in the future.

Step 4: Find new things, new topics, and new knowledge

What most entrepreneurs fail to realize is that, customers are always be interested in any new trend, style, or event – regardless of how outrageous.  As long as you provide them with the latest information in your industry, you can be assured that customers would continue to visit your site.

Step 5: Take advantage of social networking sites

Connecting your social networking accounts with your site is a great way to refresh the content of your pages.  The mere act of changing your tweets creates a ripple effect in your page, informing people of what is currently going on in your business.  There is nothing worse than a site that looks like it has not been updated in years.

Step 6: Provide free guides and tutorials

In relation to Step 2, providing tutorials to your customers proves that you are willing to help them and that they will benefit from a relationship with you.  Eventually the relationship with your visitors will be strong enough to build in a business component.  With these tips, you can start to add some focus to your website content and attract more customers than ever.  Making your site one that provides so much free value to its visitors that people keep coming back.  Part of this value is to have a focus, perspective and an opinion which is presented with unique personality.  Now update that site!